Benefits and Insights


Key differentiators & advantages of ARCSIGHT LOGGER

  • Comprehensive collection Collect, categorize, and normalize log data from more than 350 distinct log-generating sources for complete log analysis. HP ArcSight Logger supports data collection from the broadest set of sources at high speed. 
  • Ease of deployment and management HP ArcSight Logger can be managed through a centralized management center (HP ArcMC), enabling you to manage large deployments through a single console or manage small deployments with limited resources. This lets you focus on your use cases and not the tool itself. HP ArcSight Logger also comes as an appliance, software, and as a virtual appliance for deployment flexibility. 
  • Ultra-fast forensics through full-text searching HP ArcSight Logger leverages the HP ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF) that enriches the machine data with rich metadata allowing you to perform full-text searches. Machine data is also fully indexed and is available for fast searching and reporting via a simple search interface in your log management solution. Interesting search patterns can easily be converted into real-time alerts. The CEF data does not require familiarity with source-specific log formats thereby avoiding the need for device or vendor-specific analysis or subject matter expertise 
  • Non-stop monitoring on the go Monitoring dashboards on the go with all new mobile app for HP ArcSight Logger. The new mobile app connects to your log management solution and pulls the data from dashboard in real-time to give you current snapshot of your organization. Use mobile app to give only view access to your extended teams, support, or contractors avoiding giving unauthorized access