Benefits and Insights

Why use Server and Network Infrastructure Monitoring?

Key differentiators & advantages of Server and Network Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Application Delivery
    Find and fix application problems faster and reduce downtime. Improve DevOps collaboration.

  • Big Data
    Search, explore, browse, navigate, analyze and visualize petabytes of data from one place.

  • Business Analytics
    Complement existing BI investments with real-time insights and analytics from machine data.

  • Cloud Solutions
    Leverage the cloud with confidence. We provide SaaS and software options as well as apps for Amazon Web Services.

  • Internet of Things
    Tap into real-time insights from sensors, devices and industrial systems including SCADA.

  • IT Operations Management
    Gain end-to-end visibility across your IT infrastructure, transform IT spend and better align IT with the business.

  • Log Management
    Collect, search, monitor, report on and analyze all of your log data in real time.

  • Security and Fraud
    Use real-time search, monitoring, alerting, reporting and visualizations to drive analytics-enabled security.