Benefits and Insights

Why use LogicMonitor?

Key differentiators & advantages of LogicMonitor

  • Email + SMS + Phone Call Alerting
    No need to do continuous manual health checks. LogicMonitor watches over your systems 24/7 and notifies you of critical issues before they impact your business. Easily route alerts to different groups and escalation rules based on type of device, severity of issue, or even time of day.

  • Reporting
    Get periodic reports for alerts, performance metrics, and SLA statistics emailed to you or executives so you can stay informed of key metrics.

  • Enter an IP address, we’ll do the rest
    We’ve pre-configured monitoring so all you have to do is enter the IP address and LogicMonitor will discover everything about your server, and start monitoring everything that should be monitored, automatically.

  • Performance Trending Graphs
    Interactive graphs show you exactly what’s going on so you can quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues. No more guessing about utilization. View 365 days of historical trending data to improve capacity planning, and make more informed decisions.

  • SaaS Architecture
    No upfront costs. No hardware to buy. No systems to maintain. Free upgrades. Month-to-month. Cancel if your needs change. Deploys in minutes.

  • Greater Reliability
    With premise-based monitoring systems, if your network goes down, so does your monitoring. With LogicMonitor, alerts come from our servers. Even if your network goes down, your monitoring remains in-tact. and you’ll still receive alerts.