Product Information

Benefits and Insights

Why use Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP)?

Key differentiators & advantages of Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP)

  • Centralized secure administration of contracts and obligations enabling distributed access across the enterprise
  • Proactive management of all contract types and contract details such as identifications, dates, conditions, legal aspects, benchmarks, obligations, directorates, positions, risks, relationships, evaluations, qualifications, real estate, prices, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Increased speed of decision-making due to the accessibility of contract data analysis and partner evaluations
  • Transparency into all contract contents with visibility and control of any related risks
  • Reduced time for the creation, approval and management of contracts and documents
  • Management of contracts based on real-time documents and activities
  • Standardization and conformity of partner relations extending across multiple areas of the organization
  • Significant time savings during contract generation, research and analysis
  • Configurable security and confidentiality - of critical importance in a web-based system
  • Efficient control of contracts with detailed audit trails of all system activities