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Why use IBM Security Compliance Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Security Compliance Services

  • Managed Security Services - IBM Managed Security Services provides 24/7/365 monitoring and management of security technologies that fulfill key aspects of regulatory compliance requirements. IBM provides a single management console and view of your entire security infrastructure, allowing you to mix and match by device type, vendor and service level to meet your individual business needs while drastically reducing your security costs, simplifying security management and accelerating your speed to protection and compliance. 
  • Professional Security Services - Security Health Check offering will define and document gaps found in administrative, technical and/or security controls across the entire enterprise by comparing to a best practices model (eg. ISO 27002, to a regulation (eg. HIPAA) or an industry standard (eg. PCI). IBM security consultants are specially trained and certified in the regulations that affect your business. Our security consultants will assess your existing security processes and make recommendations to help your organization prepare for, and pass, periodic security audits. IBM security consultants follow a five-step process to help you meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements. 
  • Cloud Security Services - IBM Cloud Security Services offerings harness the power of the IBM Virtual-Security Operations Center platform to deliver high-value services that require little or no security device investment or maintenance, making the total cost of ownership much lower than what you would incur performing these security services in-house. 
  • Physical Security Services - Making your facilities or your city a safer place is challenging. Digitizing your physical security surveillance can help you reduce the time and costs required to collect and store video while meeting that challenge. By integrating digital video surveillance and analytic security technologies with your network and IT systems, you can increase effectiveness, property safety and regulatory compliance.