Benefits and Insights

Why use ZoomInfo?

Key differentiators & advantages of ZoomInfo

  • Improve Sales Outcomes: ZoomInfo helps elevate the probability of sales outcomes up to 30% every year. It’s backed by DiscoverOrg, one of the leading data systems, which allows it to present data patterns that users can analyze to avoid data decays. 
  • Find Hot Leads: The buyer intent feature makes it easy to pick hot leads that are ready to be converted by tracking a prospect’s internal functioning. It compiles this data based on research, hiring, mergers, acquisitions, funding announcements and more. 
  • Get Data On-Demand: ZoomInfo’s ReachOut feature helps users derive data from one source rather than going through multiple channels. Be it website, social media or corporate connections, users can access data anytime, anywhere from a database of over 20 million business professionals. 
  • Comply With GDPR and CCPA: The software’s compliance AI helps identify unsubscribers from various email inboxes, and it scours contact info like aliases, maiden names and locations for duplicates to avoid conflicts. 
  • Receive Hyper-Focused B2B Data: Incorporating 200+ ZoomInfo combinations to boost B2B prospecting makes it easier to connect. Data quality filters eliminate unwanted clutter and let users stay focused. 

Industry Expertise

ZoomInfo can be used across industries and is best for B2B companies. The software stores contacts of over 14 million companies, with almost 4.5 million C-Level contacts. With over 50 million contact discoveries updated daily, ZoomInfo makes reaching out to prospects easy and precise.

Key Features

  • Automated Intelligence and Outreach: With this feature, users no longer have to struggle with manual data updates and can completely automate contact discoveries and company searches with precision. 
  • Webform Optimizations: ZoomInfo FormComplete makes it easy for users to capture contact information without tedious form fields. All users need to capture is the prospect’s email address and the rest of the information is scored accordingly. 
  • Website Visitor Tracking: Users can turn intent into action with the software’s WebSights service, which tracks all anonymous visitors to landing pages or the website. Users never have to miss a visitor's responses again. 
  • Lead Enrichment: The Enrich feature prevents outdated and incomplete data by auto-updating data with new additional information. This process makes database management and lead management much simpler. 
  • Activity and Pipeline Management: The software’s InboxAI tool saves hours of manual work by quickly aligning the sales teams’ email inboxes directly to Salesforce. This data sync allows complete access to the engagement of accounts and activities. 
  • Enterprise API: Managers can customize workflows and data presentation. ZoomInfo’s API helps search, enrich and append existing data, so users never run out of contact discoveries. 
  • Account Targeting: The platform’s advanced targeting capabilities allow users to reach out to key decision-makers. The account targeting watchlist enables account managers to have access to updated insights that help promote business growth. 
  • Campaign Optimization: This feature helps users understand their target audience, enhance their data and develop hyper-targeted campaigns. It provides updated, accurate and actionable CRM data to ensure successful outreaches. 


These are of the product limitations at the time of this writing, based on user reviews:

  • Some of the data is outdated.
  • The platform provides credits per month, restricting the usage of data extraction.

ZoomInfo Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can use the form on the website contact page and select “Contact Support” to receive technical assistance.
phonePhone: No support number is available.
schoolTraining: ZoomInfo’s knowledge center provides intensive training through videos and a library of articles, which can be customized based on role.
local_offerTickets: A ticketing system isn’t included.