Benefits and Insights


Key differentiators & advantages of PATRIOT OFFICER®

  • PATRIOT OFFICER® slices and dices the client and non-client database of a financial institution based on the risk policy of the financial institution.
  • PATRIOT OFFICER® performs dynamic risk scoring and enforces the risk-based procedure and process to monitor, screen, and detect suspicious activities of all transactions across all product lines with the highest resolution and accuracy.
  • PATRIOT OFFICER® streamlines the investigation of detected cases, the record keeping, and the filing of regulatory reports through the most advanced case management capability.
  • PATRIOT OFFICER® empowers financial institutions to conduct Customer Identification Program (CIP), Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and to screen customers, non-customers, and transactions against regulatory lists including OFAC, 314(a), DPL, PEP, etc. in accordance with the BSA/AML Examination Manual published by the FFIEC.