Benefits and Insights

Why use MetricStream GRC Platform?

Key differentiators & advantages of MetricStream GRC Platform

  • AppStudio - a suite of high-level application building blocks, developer tools, system utilities and component libraries for application development, configuration, deployment and maintenance
  • Extensible framework to build applications as per business requirements
  • Email engine for delivering event-based notifications, alerts, and escalations
  • Integration engine named Infolets to seamlessly connect to external systems and support Hadoop framework to streamline, simplify and accelerate Big Bata capture, integration and processing
  • Mobility Solutions to provide users with multiple modes of access to information from mobiles and tablets
  • Multi-level role-based access controls with support for hierarchy-based organizational models and org-role pairings
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting features to provides system alerts, activity reports and traceable logs for easy system administration
  • Process Flow Designer to facilitate application design and development by graphically modeling business processes
  • Reporting engine for powerful reports and executive dashboards that provide data analytics and business intelligence in real-time
  • Reports Wizard functionality to build custom reports without any programming
  • Robust security infrastructure by supporting the current standard and best practices
  • Unique Offline Briefcase functionality available on tablets and handheld devices to conduct audits and gather information at remote factories, supplier locations, and retail stores
  • Workflow Engine to manage and support business processes based on industry best practices