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Why use NEOGOV?

Key differentiators & advantages of NEOGOV

  • Decrease Time-to-Hire: Save time during the hiring process with auto-scoring, automation and built-in capabilities. Includes EEO, passpoint analysis and applicant flow for handling compliance such as ADA/Section 508. 
  • Automate Recruiting: Reduce manual work by leveraging application templates, a career page and integration with background check software. 
  • Eliminate Paperwork: Remove the need for paperwork in common tasks with electronic forms and e-signature for hiring, onboarding and other processes. 
  • Stay Organized: Reduce the clutter and chaos of managing physical files by using digital paperwork and automating form distribution, submission, tracking and approval. 
  • Simplify Onboarding: Cut down on the amount of work involved in onboarding new employees. Everything from filling out W-4 and I-9 forms to completing e-verify can be done digitally. 
  • Gain Visibility Into Employee Performance: See how individuals, teams or departments are performing and spot skill gaps. Track progress toward goals, check the status of performance reviews and uncover bottlenecks in the evaluation process. 
  • Drive Higher Job Appeal: Make positions more attractive by offering career development via performance evaluations. 
  • Enable Employee Growth: Equip employees to perform their jobs at the highest level via training and visual tools that let them picture promotion opportunities. 
  • Work Strategically: Remain compliant with industry regulations and HR practices from payroll to hiring, providing more time to focus on strategic tasks. 

Industry Expertise

Supports customers in the public sector at the county and state levels, as well as courts, special district organizations, higher education and K-12 institutes. Over 6,000 organizations use the solution, ranging in size from 100 to 60,000 employees.

Key Features

  • Candidate Scoring: Screens candidates automatically. After screening, testing and interview, it produces weighted scores based on customizable criteria to show hiring managers which applicants are the strongest. 
  • ATS Reporting: Offers over 90 reports, ranging from standard and advanced to ad-hoc. Dashboards provide real-time data to stay on top of metrics like job health. Also analyzes recruitment timelines. 
  • Background Checks: Integrates with vendors such as AssureHire, CIC Credit, Verified First, Alliance 2020, Checkr and others to run a variety of background checks. Includes EEOC and FCRA requirements to support compliant hiring. 
  • Integration With Connect with the most-used job board for the public sector, gaining access to nearly 40 million candidate profiles. Integration with Insight helps manage the hiring pipeline from one location to easily manage job listings and let applicants self-schedule interviews. 
  • E-Forms: Build workflows with processes that can be started manually or automatically. Provides notifications and reminders. Employees can follow the status of their forms via the self-service portal. 
  • Document Management: Stores all forms created during each employee’s time with the company, making records accessible from a central, online location. 
  • Self-Service Portal: Allows employees to view pay stubs, request PTO and edit personal information. Actions requiring manager approval automatically trigger the approval process. 
  • Continuous Feedback: Includes: 
    •  Continuous communication, whether for goal-tracking, feedback or any other need. 
    •  Scheduled check-ins and tools like journal entries that make it easy to review performance and rate employees. 
    •  Performance improvement plans, which can be documented at every step. 
  • Sector-Specific Learning Courses: Offers a catalog of off-the-shelf courses specific to the public sector, including Human Capital, Health and Safety, Public Works, and Law Enforcement. 
  • Learning Management: Offers: 
    •  Several course options: build-your-own courses, over 400 premade courses from the library and third-party content thanks to SCORM compatibility. 
    •  A mobile-friendly interface, certifications and course grouping for organization. 
    •  Tools to monitor course completion and learner progress. 
    •  Reports for compliance purposes. 
  • Core HR: Provides an employee database for data management, along with benefits administration. Seamlessly connects with the payroll and time and attendance solutions. 
  • Payroll: Supports common requirements such as overtime, 9/80 time rules, retropays, meal penalty and future dating. Supports compliance with laws that impact payroll. Can be integrated with accounting software or any general ledger used at a company. 
  • Time and Attendance: Structure shifts and schedules based on business needs. Mobile time entry tools and time clocks connect with digital timesheets to easily record clock-in and clock-out data, eliminating manual errors to ensure accurate payroll. 


The solution has a few pitfalls to be aware of, based on user feedback at the time of this review:

  •  Individual performance assessment is a tedious and non-intuitive process. 
  •  Compatibility issues exist while integrating existing solutions with NEOGOV. 

Suite Support

In addition to the options mentioned below, there's an annual user conference. A full day of training prior to the main conference is available for customers who want to deepen their knowledge. Sessions during the 2-day conference also cover product info.

mail_outlineEmail: Available via a form on the website’s “Contact Us” page.
phonePhone: Call (877) 204-4442 or (855) 524-5627 for applicant support.
schoolTraining: Access training materials, such as video tutorials, FAQs, guides, product release notes and announcements. Use the community forum to ask questions, get advice and suggest product enhancements.
local_offerTickets: Includes case receipts that are shared with customers, along with a resolution timeline based on the severity and nature.

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