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Improve the Search for Better Candidates 
  • Publish your jobs to the internet's most popular job boards and social networks automatically. 
  • Link your open positions in real time. No need for manual updates on your Company's website. 
  • Automatically import & parse resumes by a click from job boards, social networks and websites. 
  • Build a strong candidate database where you can efficiently search for matching profiles. 
  • Replace spreadsheets, paper resumes and unproductive sourcing methods. 

Easily Link Customers, Openings and Candidates 
  • Customize iSmartRecruit to match your organization's hiring processes. 
  • Securely browse resumes in the database using key words, Boolean and radius queries. 
  • Keep everyone informed using customizable steps in the process and work flow stages. 
  • Easily track action items on your calendar by setting alerts and reminders. Never miss interviews or important calls and meetings again. 
  • Be better prepared for candidate and customer feedback; track important outcomes with updates and notes. 
  • Integrate with your department or company email to easily keep individuals and groups informed. 
  • Access from your laptop, desktop or the smart phone in your pocket. 
  • Easily manage your company's recruiting processes online to improve employee, candidate and customer communication.

Reinforce Relationships and Grow the Business 
  • Use real-time dashboards so employees can easily access information. 
  • Customize your business development processes by tracking prospects that can be converted to customers, maintain contact information for all stakeholders and maintain contract details. 
  • Associate your customers with multiple openings, candidates and placements. 
  • Forecast revenue, manage invoices and track payments.

Insightful Analyses and Reporting Capability 
  • Easily maintain required stakeholder information for compliance reporting. 
  • Use reporting tools for graphical displays and exporting functionality. 
  • Make more effective, data-driven decisions for your department or business. 
  • Uncover bottlenecks in your workflow and quickly identify improvement areas. 
  • Monitor individual employee effectiveness to help improve performance. 
  • Measure days to hire and identify your most profitable customers. 
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated analysts or separate BI solutions.

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