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Key differentiators & advantages of Greenhouse Recruiting

  • Enterprise Scalability: Greenhouse Recruiting is built to work for an organization of any size or process. Fuse your organization’s processes into the system through advanced data configuration and integrate it with your HRIS.  
  • Diversity and Inclusion Tools: Ensure your hiring process is compliant and bias-free with scorecards of key performance attributes, consistent interviews and collection of EEO data. 
  • Drive Improvement: Evaluate your hiring process, make informed decisions and track key metrics over time with analytics and reporting.  
  • Recruit Competitively: Stand out in the competitive job market by creating a great experience for candidates. Represent your brand with customizable career pages and job boards and gather feedback with surveys. 
  • Hire the Best Candidate: Stay organized with scorecards that help interviews assess candidates for the right traits, skills and qualifications for the job. 
  • Strengthen Relationships: Use the onboarding module to give your new employees a warm welcome as well as the tools to become a part of your company. The CRM module leverages and nurtures talent directly within your organization to assist your recruiting and hiring efforts. 

Industry Expertise

Greenhouse Recruiting works for organizations at the start-up stage to the enterprise level.

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System: The Greenhouse ATS organizes your recruiting process, so you always know what step to take next. It comes equipped with a candidate pipeline, collaboration capabilities such as @mentions and shared application review, highly detailed access permissions for stakeholders, notifications, alerts and more. 
  • Structured Hiring: The system employs a structured, data-driven hiring process focused on securing the best candidate and mitigating bias. Put together a scorecard with important qualities you’re looking for in a candidate and systematically assess candidates using that information.  
  • Candidate Experience: With customizable career pages, job boards and email templates, Greenhouse promotes an accessible candidate experience. Make a good first impression on candidates with productive interviews and surveys that ask them to reflect on their experience. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access 30+ reports that can integrate with Google Sheets for collaboration and analysis. You can filter reports so they highlight only the information you need. Greenhouse Predicts allows you to use machine learning and predictive analytics to forecast recruiting and hiring data points.  
  • Mobile:  Greenhouse Recruiting is mobile-ready. Prepare for a mobile meeting, access reports and candidate profiles, provide feedback and stay in the loop with notifications. 
  • Onboarding Module: The integrative onboarding module manages your new hires. Design a personalized welcome experience, create a consistent process for onboarding and automate tasks to free up time for focusing on your new employee. It offers feedback and reporting so you can evaluate your onboarding process. 
  • CRM Module:  Integrate the Greenhouse CRM module to tap into the talent already existing at your organization. Track relationships over time, filter and find the talent you’re searching for and classify talent in your database. 

Greenhouse Recruiting Suite Support

The Greenhouse Customer Success Team works with your organizations to determine your goals, provide implementation services and assist with process design. Visit for support. Chat online with the support team in real-time.
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