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Key differentiators & advantages of Compas ATS

  • Candidate Sourcing | Echo Echo is our Chrome browser plug-in that allows you to quickly parse and import candidates and contacts right into COMPAS, from the sites you source from most. Easily add candidates directly into your COMPAS pipeline for job management. 

  • Website Integration COMPAS powers your Careers Page through the most configurable iFrame on the market. Representatives of your organization can post, remove, and/or alter positions at any time, without the aide of a Web Developer or Web Master. The Careers Page makes it easy for candidates to apply directly to your ATS so that your recruiting team can track applicants by position. Additionally, COMPAS will automatically send your job descriptions out to career search engines for mass distribution.

  • Integrated Job Distribution When it comes to filling positions, spreading the word is half the battle. COMPAS knows this, which is why we offer extensive job distribution capabilities. Directly from your COMPAS account, you can post and send jobs to our content partner network. A network which includes every major social network and some of the world’s largest job boards. 

  • Socially Integrated Social networking is as powerful as it’s ever been, so in order to keep COMPAS as one of the most powerful ATS/CRM providers on the market, incorporating social functionality was a must. We feature tools that enable you to send job postings socially, store and match candidates against their social accounts, and single click apply for candidate applications. 

  • Automated Approvals COMPAS has developed a simplistic approach to automating those approvals that recruiting departments typically handle manually. Manually tracking tasks and approvals outside of your core recruiting technology will be a thing of the past when you start leveraging COMPAS to streamline the approval process.

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