Benefits and Insights

Why use Infor PSA?

Key Features

  • Team Collaboration: Users gain complete project and service transparency with the collaboration tool. This accessory also offers project data shared with project managers and the internal accounting department. 
  • Portfolio Management: The portfolio management appliance contains a 360-degree view of customer interactions and requirements. It also executes performance analyses to gauge improvements to established benchmarks together with rich data access and automated operations 
  • Project Resource Management: Utilize drag-and-drop cost templates and employee assignment screens with the project resource management appliance 
  • Service Profitability: Leverage visibility into project finance information as well as billing, revenue recognition, and margin analysis. It also provides users with comprehensive visualizations of vital enterprise drivers and methodologies 

Infor PSA Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Infor does not offer email support at this time
phonePhone: Users may dial 877-772-4111 for phone support
schoolTraining: Users may access Infor Campus for training materials and classes and even gain certification. There's also Infor blogs with helpful articles on all of Infor's products. Users may also log in to chat with other users in user groups and support discussion forums
local_offerTickets: Users may fill out the "Let's Connect" form on Infor's Customer Center page for ticket support