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Why use CS Professional Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of CS Professional Suite

  • Synchronized Views: This solution offers true multiple monitor support on taxes that extends synchronized views of current year input, prior year input, forms and diagnostics concurrently on four various computer monitors.  
  • Instant Updates: CS Professional Suite automatically installs and activates updates without requiring users to log their staff out of the solution. 
  • Maintain Consistency: Users can standardize all of their business processes to keep and maintain compliance and consistency across their entire firm.  
  • Establish Effective Collaboration: CS Professional Suite offers file sharing and categorized notes to boost staff teamwork with a single or multi-office firm and execute efficient communication. 
  • Keep Staff Up-to-Date: Users can employ direct assignments or staff pooling to supervise their workflows and keep their staff in the loop of last-minute changes. 

Industry Expertise

Thomson Reuters was launched in 2008 by its parent company Reuters. Thomson Reuters believes in and abides by several principles, including serving all interests, groups or factions, holding the freedom of bias, supplying unbiased and trustworthy news to its industries and clients and more. The company believes in aiding their clients in law, tax, compliance, government and media reimagine how they work by offering concise data, variation, and intelligence to streamline challenging scenarios.

Key Features

  • Conduct Trial Balances:The AdvanceFlow module enables users to tackle enormous consolidation and fund clients with effective trial balances, swift imports and potent filtering.
  • Request and Receive Signatures:Users can employ the UltraTax CS solution to finish documents by delivering immediate signature requests and automatic reminders. The eSignature component will apply your customer's signature to all of the right places in any document.
  • Tax Administration:The GoSystem Tax RS module can handle the most intricate tax returns including the multi-tiered standardized return processing for businesses and partnerships. Users can also construct an entire tax return form by hand from an imported data file.
  • Instant Notifications:Users can implement the FirmFlow platform to trace and study all of their business processes, plus monitor operations from beginning to end. Users can preset extensive reporting and notifications to assist in administering group workloads for enhanced bookkeeping supervision.
  • Centralized Dashboards:The Practice CS solution offers a centralized hub of personalized dashboards that offer prompt operation data so users can always stay up on performance, staff projects and client statuses.
  • Digital Invoices and Time Management:Users can develop electronic invoices, publish bills online and receive credit card compensations so they can rapidly collect payments in the Practice CS program. Users can also oversee the costs associated with their firm's work to gather and chronicle billable time more productively.
  • Scan and Organize Files:The GoFileRoom extension enables users to immediately recognize and arrange documents in their suitable places. This extension is also cloud-based so users are reassured that they are always using the most current version.
  • Smooth Integrations:Users can employ the Accounting CS accessory to promptly gather data from their clients' spreadsheets or QuickBooks. They can also integrate transactions with their customers' financial institutions.
  • Secure Adaptability:This solution allows users to set and install restrictions on how much information is seen by their clientele. They can monitor activity by staff member, date and time. Users can also work with a variety of regional and departmental clients, entity types and reporting periods.
  • Complete Numerous Tasks:Accounting CS allows users to manage numerous clients simultaneously or enable multiple users in the firm to concurrently work with one customer.
  • Flexible Reports:Users can create adjustable reports based on their clients' needs while sustaining standard reporting and financial statement formatting in the Accounting CS platform.
  • Work with Clientele:Users promptly connect and collaborate with customers with the shared online portal tool to carry out bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities. Users can also establish portals for clients to instantly share and access crucial documents and services with the NetClient CS program.
  • Compliant System Arrangement:Every member of a user's staff can personalize their work area in the AdvanceFlow tool to align with their duties and adjust protection settings for their particular access needs.


CS Professional Suite has a variety of advantages and features. However, there are a few limitations that come with this program.
  • Users without an accounting background may have difficulty utilizing this software.
  • This software can have a long implementation time.
  • This system can run slow when running it with other programs.
  • Occasionally long waiting times when contacting customer support.
*as of 4/24/20

CS Professional Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: There is no email support at this time.
phonePhone: Users may dial 1-800-968-0600 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.
schoolTraining: Users can access the training for CS Professional Suite page for custom, on-demand, web and classroom training. Custom training enables users to ask to customize the curriculum to align with their team's needs and timeframe. Users receive pre-recorded, self-paced training courses online so every team member can learn at their own pace with on-demand training. Web training enables your team to train with live web courses anywhere or in numerous regions simultaneously with a strong internet connection, Lastly, users can take interactive classroom courses at the training facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan with classroom training.
local_offerTickets: CS Professional Suite offers a help form on the training page under the related solutions section.

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