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Key Features

  • Opportunity Management: Evaluate, trace and predict an opportunity's resource and billing tools to strengthen service delivery and sales effectivity. 
  • Contract Management: Meet operational success by accurately governing contract elements including billing methods and expenses throughout each new engagement. 
  • Resource Management: Review and administer the entire resource arsenal to allocate the ideal resources that pertain to the right projects at the right time for effective project deliveries. 
  • Project Management: Maintain existing and forthcoming projects and engagements. This provides users with enhanced productivity and precise project metrics while keeping projects on budget and in a timely manner.  
  • Time and Expense Management: Obtain access to time and expenses tracking at any time from any location via any device with the time and expense management accessory, thus boosting financial precision and experiencing real-time revenue recognition. 
  • Robust Analytics: Drive insights and data with recommended visualizations (charts, graphs, etc.) and AI through IBM Watson. 
  • Financial Management and Revenue Recognition: Supervise the financial status of projects and currencies with real-time data, thoughtful budgeting and cost distribution with the financial management and revenue recognition idiosyncrasy. 

Suite Support

Changepoint offers a customer support portal for users to log in and receive general support.

mail_outlineEmail: To email inquires, users may email [email protected]
phonePhone: For US queries by phone, users may dial 888-341-9117
schoolTraining: For training material, users may go to the Learn page and partake in in-depth case studies, guides, infographics, reports and videos
local_offerTickets: For ticket support, users may fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page

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