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Benefits and Insights

Why use BigTime?

Key differentiators & advantages of BigTime

  • Customizable Timesheets: Its timesheets contain all necessary field types and can be organized in the way users prefer. Users can create daily and weekly timesheet views, add, rename or remove columns, round time entries automatically and lock completed timesheet periods.  
  • Settings Security and Required Fields: Users can limit timesheet data access to control sensitive data, reduce errors and speed up time entry. They can also set required fields that employees must fill before saving. Managers can also set custom user rights.  
  • Smart Tracking: BigTime’s time tracking tool has smart lookups, user-driven defaults, customizable views and support for intuitive timesheets.  
  • Faster Billing: Its central hub for tracking drafts, billing rates, WIP, cost rates, billing rules and PDF formats helps users create invoices faster and realize higher revenues.  
  • Crafting Better Teams: It gives users a real-time view of resource allocations. They can also avoid under and over scheduling, thereby ensuring the happiness of consulting teams.  
  • Flexible Billing Rates: Users can manage bill rates and override them as needed. Users can set bill rates of project tasks, staff and work codes. They can also create base rates and an unlimited number of custom rates.  
  • Customizable Invoice Templates: Users can use invoice templates to customize invoices according to their client’s needs. They can also personalize templates, edit them and choose the details they wish to include.  
  • Approve Expense Reports: Managers can approve expenses for specific projects. Reviews can be automated, and notifications and alerts can be sent to managers when an expense report is available.  
  • Accelerate Project Progress: BigTime’s standardized review features help increase overall team accuracy. With the help of reviews, users can avoid and eliminate time-consuming billing errors.  
  • Standardized Workflows: Managers can view the exact status of a project based on its due date and status. They can also assign employees to projects and define due dates. Multiple projects can be tracked using custom statuses and task types.  
  • Mobile Access: BigTime simplifies on-site time entry with time-tracking apps for Android and iOS. Users can enter time manually or use timers. They can also submit reports and assign expenses to projects.  

Industry Expertise

BigTime is in use by over 2000 professional firms and tracks over $2 billion in billable time every year. Its flagship product is custom-built for the professional services industry. The system is not only available on the web but also on internet-enabled mobile devices. Its mobile app simplifies mobile DCAA compliance with regulated settings. It gives access to project, client and staff information even when users are not at their desks.

Key Features

  • Expense Tracking: Expenses are tied to billable client projects or internal project records. Users can record billable or internal project expenses, equipment use and mileage. Users can also categorize expenses as billable, non-billable, reimbursable, non-reimbursable or as service fees.  
  • Invoicing: It has flexible invoicing options that improve income by billing a project’s in-progress work. Submitted bills can be reviewed immediately for approval and payment. Users can also show entry details or group them as needed. They can also mark-up expenses like recurring service fees and equipment use.  
  • Time and Materials Invoices: BigTime simplifies expense calculation with automation tools. Users can send their clients a detailed bill and recalculate invoices when entries are deleted. They can also provide more detailed invoices with options that display staff, tasks, departments, project roles or labor codes.  
  • Lookup Fields: It has smart lookup fields to reduce clicks and get rid of scrolling for quick timesheet recording. It only shows required fields and can auto-complete fields as users type.  
  • Credit Card Charge Capture: Users can assign and record credit card charges to specific projects for billing in QuickBooks. Charges can be billed to clients, and QuickBooks can help reconcile bank statements.  
  • Work-In-Progress Management: This suite helps users manage unbilled expenses and time to improve cash flow. It provides complete visibility, and WIP is selectable by date range.  
  • Task and Budget Tracking: Users can keep track of all their tasks and set them up for every project while assigning expense budgets. Users can control secure information by giving custom access rights to managers.  
  • Gantt Charts: Gantt charts facilitate visual task management. Users can put their projects on a timeline and see how components fit together, highlighting critical paths and dependencies.  
  • Workflow Management: Managers can assign employees to tasks and define due dates. They can track schedules and use custom tasks and statuses. They can also sort, group and filter to view project details.  
  • Resource Allocation: Its dashboard shows which employees are available and how much time can be allocated to them. Users can reduce time spent on planning and make decisions about when more staff is required.  
  • Utilization Dashboard: BigTime gives insights into operations and helps users manage resources more efficiently. They can also lower staff bench time by identifying areas to increase productivity.  
  • Custom Reports: BigTime helps users create custom reports in real time. They can pull utilization metrics and sort them by role, department and employee. Line graphs can be generated to compare budgets to actual expenses, and efficiency can be analyzed on a monthly basis.  
  • Integrations: BigTime supports deep integrations and combines them with users’ existing ecosystems. It can be integrated with QuickBooks, Lacerte, Salesforce, Slack, Google Apps and Zapier. It also integrates with existing IDs and codes, eliminating double entry between systems.  


As of this review these limitations are current:

  •  Doesn't support importing project files from external sources and applications.
  •  Doesn't allow users to send invoices to multiple contacts in a single email.  
  •  Doesn't support keystroke monitoring.  
  •  Cannot export and sync invoice details to QuickBooks as a phase fee percentage.

BigTime Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For sales, email [email protected] For support, email [email protected]
phonePhone: For sales inquiries, account or technical support, call +1(312)346-4646.
schoolTraining: BigTime has a resource library on their website that has videos, guides and articles about the product.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be created by submitting your details in a contact form on BigTime’s website.