Benefits and Insights

Why use Accelo?

Key differentiators & advantages of Accelo

  • Seamless Integrations with Other Platforms: It integrates seamlessly with other platforms such as GSuite, QuickBooks, Hubspot, Stripe, Paypal, Eventbrite, Airtable, Slack and more.
  • Manage from Anywhere: Its mobile application lets users manage all the aspects of their business from anywhere at any time.  
  • Create Quotes Easily: Users can create and convert quotes for any project with a single click.  
  • Collaborate on Projects: Accelo helps users meet their deadlines and run projects successfully by letting them collaborate on projects, sales leads and support issues.  
  • Drives Business Processes: It drives business processes intelligently by alerting users if and when they go off track and forecasting for the future.  
  • Achieve Success in Client Service: It helps users achieve success in client service by streamlining ticket tracking, time billing, invoicing and recurring work. It also gives insight into profit margins and resource allocation and utilization.  
  • Automated Triggers: Accelo redefines users’ recurring contracts with replicable templates and automated triggers, enabling the management of retainers and tracking ongoing services.  
  • Forecast Team’s Schedule: It lets users predict their team’s billing needs and schedule according to project workflows while adjusting based on project changes.  
  • Makes Billing Painless: It integrates with popular business applications and customer support, project management and sales modules. These tools give real-time access to client, financial and project snapshots.  

Industry Expertise

Accelo increases profitability and streamlines operations of businesses in 86 countries, including the United States, Germany, Singapore, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Croatia, China, New Zealand, Mexico and Australia. Its team of over 100 employees is spread across three offices in San Francisco, Denver and Wollongong, Australia.

Key Features

  • Sales: Its built-in sales quoting capability helps users create and nurture customer relationships. It updates itself every time a customer representative interacts with a client, letting users know everything that is going on.  
    • Automation and Processes: This feature lets users know what to do next and lets them take actions like sending template emails, scheduling follow-up meetings and updating due dates.  
    • Team Scheduling: Based on workload predictions, users can plan when they want to start new projects.  
    • Client Records: Accelo gives users access to all customer-related data, allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions.  
    • Team Inbox: It supports a team inbox, where users can access all client-related information and email communication.  
    • Tracking and Sync: Users can track and share client appointments, emails, notes, attachments and custom fields with their team members.  
    • Cloud-Based ServOps: This feature allows users to oversee the primary functions of their business from prospect to payment.  
  • Professional Services Automation: Accelo is an integrated platform that runs users’ service operations in the cloud and supports project management software, client management, time tracking, invoicing software and more.  
    • CRM and Client Database: It supports sharing client databases in real time, letting users see client work in an intelligent and synchronized way.  
    • Invoicing and Payments: It supports bi-directional sync with QuickBooks and Xero.  
    • Email Tracking: Users can track emails with the help of its two-way sync with Office365, Google Apps and Exchange.  
    • Timesheet Reports: It shows a user’s completed work and their team’s effectiveness.  
    • Projects: With Gantt chart planning, Accelo supports full project management with collaboration and budget tracking.  
    • Services: Users can track tickets with emails and automated timers.  
    • Retainers: Users can manage ongoing service contracts and projects with automated notifications and auto billing.  
  • Project Management: Accelo is a cloud-based project management suite that supports flexible invoicing and reporting.  
    • Project Planning: It facilitates project planning and structure with drag-and-drop Gantt charts.  
    • Project Tracking: Users can manage budget and deliverables with Accelo, ensuring that projects are profitable.  
    • Task Management: It allows users to manage and streamline task-level changes.  
    • Time Tracking: It has email timing, task-based time, a mobile timer and automated time-tracking sheets to make time-tracking easy and painless.  
    • Client Portal: It gives clients access to a portal that allows them to create, submit and track their tickets.  
    • Automation and Processes: It alerts users’ teams when projects get held up or slow down before customers call them out.  
    • Expenses: Users can submit expenses for client or internal reimbursement on a per-project basis.  
    • Invoicing: It enables value or T&M-based invoicing that syncs automatically to QuickBooks and Xero.  
  • Service: Users can deliver streamlined, profitable and consistent client service with its customer service management feature. Designed specifically for professional services, it has a support ticket system that shows which issues require attention.  
    • Automation and Processes: It allows users to build workflows for various work types like ‘onsite visit’ or ‘website is down’ and more.  
    • Automated Notifications: It sends automated messages to manage tickets. Users can also send reminder emails before they close tickets.  
    • Activity Tracking: Users can see their client and team communications in a single platform.  
  • Retainer Management: It helps users manage ongoing services and contracts with flexibility and automation.  
    • Usage Tracking: Users can track retainer tasks by hours or by budget.  
    • Custom Retainers: Accelo allows users to set up allowance rollover and types flexibly.  
    • Communications Tracking: It tracks relevant notes, emails and other communications between users and clients.  
    • Client Portal: It gives clients a bird’s eye view of total contract usage.  
    • Automatic Recurring Tasks: Users can create and schedule recurring tasks such as payroll and SEO for ongoing projects.  
    • Tickets and Project Connection: Users can view time worked on projects and sort by projects, tasks or emails.  
    • Automated Notifications: Users can tell their clients and team when a contract is about to reach its limit to manage expectations proactively.  
    • Automated Timesheets: Accelo populates weekly timesheets with employee names and ongoing work.  
    • Unlimited Templates and Types: Setting up new clients becomes easier by creating contract or retainer types with their specific renewal and notification rules. 


    This review is current as of the writing of this review:
    •  Navigating between clients, projects and work has a steep learning curve.  
    •  Many processes need to be done manually.  
    •  QuickBooks integration lacks essential features. 

    Accelo Suite Support

    Accelo has resources such as blogs, video tutorials, case studies, white papers, APIs, updates and downloads on its website.
    mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for support.
    phonePhone: Users from the US can call (800) 425-7315 and international users can call +1 (415) 963-4299 for support.
    schoolTraining: Accelo has a video library and help guides about all the aspects of the software on their website. Beyond that, it has expert consultants and advisers who help users make the most of Accelo.
    local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not given on the website.