10 Most Popular PPM Tools in 2020

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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a part of overall business planning that is taking off in the business world — it’s something that is expected to grow on the global market, a multibillion-dollar industry that adds specific kinds of functionality to business software.

The essential use of PPM tools relates to scheduling and general project management. By aggregating data and composing excellent reports and analysis, these tools can help companies track project progress through every stage. With transparent end-to-end process visibility, companies are able to make business processes more efficient, automate aspects of business, and otherwise innovate for the 21st century.

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Here are some of the most popular PPM tools on the market that companies are looking at to upgrade to a more sophisticated project management solution:

Compuware Changepoint

Changepoints ‘Daptiv’ PPM tool is something the company says helps to “manage the chaos.” With easy-to-use dashboards and real-time views, this toolkit is aimed at bringing an integrated view to portfolio management and monitoring. The ability to move in and out of screens and compare project costs with actual budgets are some of the features companies like about this PPM solution.


As a SAAS vendor product, Clarizen encompasses project management and other related aspects of business process management. Part of the utility of this package is its multichannel communication system – through emails, chat logs and other interfaces, end-users can get connected to the transparency and visibility they need in real-time. Billed as a major decision support product, Clarizen has a simple pricing model. It’s also designed to offer a minimal learning curve, as well as personalized use in a business environment.

Genius Project On-Demand

The modular build on this PPM tool allows businesses to construct their own PPM feature set and generally adapt the application to their needs. Some other highlights include particular tracking and review tools, resources for defining key performance indicators, and the integration of new project data.


This PPM tool from Project Manager Online Ltd. is another product that many companies are considering. ProjectManager.com works with Microsoft Office, and includes a responsive, mobile-friendly design to help manage projects from anywhere that field staff are at a given time. Blending the mobile-first approach with real-time data is one of the most modern and efficient ways to upgrade businesses to state-of-the-art project portfolio management tools. This allows them to pursue new business process renovations that will save time and money, propelling a company forward.

Oracle Instantis

This PPM tool comes from a household name in enterprise technology. Oracle’s answer to project portfolio management is made for simple and easy deployment, offering a wide variety of monitoring and analytics tools. The customized reports it provides also help build transparency on business processes. Using a cloud of vendor platform, Oracle offers this tool directly to its legacy clients, as well as others who want to try a top branded Project Portfolio Management solution.

Power Steering Software

Despite its reputation as somewhat of a dark horse in the PPM market, Power Steering has a full set of features and functions, including good integration architectures via a cloud-based model. Being able to integrate PPM into various business environments helps make this a more common part of a company’s toolset. Power Steering, according to the vendor, offers the ability to break down silos and free information to work anywhere in the system. Power Steering literature mentions “holistic visibility into work and investment throughout the enterprise,” and also promotes the configurable dashboards and reporting tools that the platform offers.

Talaia Open PPM

This product, made by SM2 Software and Service Management, also offers tailored reporting from an open source platform. Using an open source product may take more consulting and training, but with vibrant support for this product, SM2 argues that having an open source system in place will make the effort worthwhile.

That’s one of the biggest decisions that companies need to make — whether to source PPM and other tools from an open source solution or a vendor’s walled garden.


The Wrike PPM tool is designed to offer an intuitive interface with a central repository for files, tasks, ideas, chat logs and everything else that’s central to project management throughout the process. Items like Gantt charts and other visuals help make large amounts of data digestible, and email templates save time in communications. Another best-of-class feature of this vendor solution is its security — with SSL protection as well as vibrant data backups, Wrike ensures that customers have peace of mind about the sensitive data they may be using with their project management.

EPM Live

This is a PPM tool that works on the basis of SharePoint integration. With a collaborative angle, EPM Live helps teams and organizations start out in project development and scale according to their process. By customizing functionality to the needs of the end-user, EPM Live promotes its product as a tailored project portfolio management option.

eResource Scheduler

Want a PPM tool with collaborative features, timesheets, vibrant recording, drag-and-drop functionality and configurable interfaces? You get all this with eResource Scheduler from Enbraun, another vendor solution that has enjoyed a rather high overall customer rating. The simple utility of this package is one selling point, as is its visual dashboards and reporting tools, as well as an impressive client list.

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