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Key differentiators & advantages of Zoho Projects

  • Automate Workflows: With business rules, you can configure the system to automatically handle manual tasks like updating issue details or changing an issue’s severity. You also can set email notifications to track different events or set up webhooks for communicating with third-party apps. Custom functions allow you to extend the system’s automation capabilities. 
  • Transfer from Jira or Basecamp: If you’re switching from Jira or Basecamp, you can migrate data into Zoho Projects. The import feature won’t cover all options, due to certain restrictions. However, you can capture data such as discussions, calendar events, projects, users, bugs, custom fields, milestones and other details, depending on which program you’re importing from. 
  • Use the Program for Free: Zoho Projects has an always-free subscription for small teams of up to five users. It includes two projects, custom status options for tasks and projects, calendar functionality, feeds, project forums, integration with Google apps, and file attachments up to 10 MB. 
  • Achieve a Tightly Integrated Suite: Zoho’s application offerings extend beyond project management to CRM, accounting, HR, BI and analytics, customer service, and more. Plugging Zoho Projects into other products lets you create a unified platform that can handle multiple business needs from a single suite. 
  • Use Third-Party Apps: If your team already has favorite apps, Zoho Projects offers integration for extended capabilities and more effective project management. The software can connect with major Google and Microsoft apps as well as a host of other tools like Dropbox, GitHub and Slack. 
  • Take Work Anywhere: Zoho Projects has native apps for iOS, iPad and Android — enabling your team to access project details, attach files, log hours and more while away from the office. View tasks in a way that’s most convenient via List or Kanban layouts. The design also supports portrait and landscape modes. 

Industry Expertise

Zoho Projects is a tool that organizations in any industry can use. However, it specifically caters to needs found in IT, construction, marketing, education, real estate and consulting services. The software is also designed for quality assurance teams. More than a million companies use Zoho Projects, and some of its major clients include Intel, NASCAR, Land Rover, McKinsey & Company, Timex and IKEA.

Key Features

  • Task Management: Zoho Projects includes components that let you control important task details. Tasks and subtasks can have information included, such as the priority or duration. You can also link tasks to create dependencies. Milestones act as an organizational tool that highlight each project phase. Drag-and-drop Kanban boards keep tasks neatly arranged based on whatever layout works for your team. 
  • Social Project Management: The software facilitates collaboration and communication for more effective project management. Tools include public or private chat rooms, pages for building a team knowledge base and forums where team members can engage in discussion. Additionally, it offers feeds, which centralize project updates. Anyone on your team can create new posts and add comments to existing posts. 
  • Charts and Reports: View project details and metrics visually using a variety of charts. Gantt charts show a high-level view of project tasks and dependencies while resource utilization charts break down each team member’s workload by day. Lastly, more than 50 out-of-the-box reports and dashboards provide insight into project performance across a wide range of KPIs. 
  • Time Tracking: Workers can log their hours on a timesheet automatically or manually and managers can view reports based on personnel, time or project. To generate an invoice, simply go through a few steps to transform a timesheet to an invoice. The software also lets you compare the expected task duration with the actual time spent on a task. And the calendar view offers a way to see each team member’s availability and track details like bugs, issues or milestones. 
  • Issue Tracking: Report issues with all the relevant details and assign them for attention. Importing issues in bulk keeps them all in one place, and you can then export them as an XLS or CSV file. Filtered views make it easy to track all issues using the criteria you choose, so you only see what you need. The system also lets you view committed changes with all changeset details included. 

Zoho Projects Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support via email is available using the following address: [email protected] The website help page has email addresses for the following areas: sales and pricing questions, payments and cancellation info, and abuse complaints. You can also find answers in Zoho’s community or through the website’s knowledge base.
phonePhone: Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday. The U.S. number is +1 (800) 900-9646. Nine international numbers are also listed on Zoho’s website help page.
schoolTraining: Webinars, help videos, articles, and a user guide provide free training for the software. Documentation specifically for developers is available via the API guide and extension guide.
local_offerTickets: You can submit a request via the help page on Zoho’s website. The form includes a field for noting how critical your request is, ensuring you get a timely response based on your ticket’s urgency.

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