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Why use Wrike?

Key differentiators & advantages of Wrike

  • Gain Visibility Into Project Details: Wrike’s dashboards use widgets to show an overview of key data on a single screen. You can use the out-of-the-box widgets or create custom versions. This allows managers to track overdue items, see the tasks awaiting approval, view tasks based on status and monitor other details. 
  • Save Time: Automated reminders take work off of managers’ plates. Once a task is assigned, the system sends deadline alerts to the assignee and also sends managers update notifications for continual progress monitoring. 
  • Always Stay Connected: Wrike’s mobile app ensures anyone on your team can access project information from their device of choice, at any time and while on the go. 
  • Configure Integrations: Wrike Integrate enables you to integrate with thousands of other apps, giving your team access to the platforms you need. Additionally, it supports workflow automation and data syncing. 
  • Connect to Other Tools: Wrike supports integration with many of the top tools needed to enhance project success. Examples include Tableau for business intelligence insights, Box for file storage needs, Salesforce for CRM activities, SAML for single sign-on (SSO), Slack for messaging and GitHub for two-way task and issue management. 
  • Shape the System to Your Needs: Customizations allow you to get the most out of Wrike. Work in a way that’s best for your team by taking advantage of custom fields, workflows and more. 
  • Make Processes More Efficient: Using workflow rules, you can create standards that keep every task moving smoothly through each project phase. This makes it easy to track the status of every task and to ensure everyone receives the correct work in the proper order. 

Industry Expertise

Wrike’s customers include startups, SMBs and enterprises. More than two million users spread across more than 18,000 organizations currently use Wrike. Its clients come from industries such as travel and hospitality, retail, automotive, healthcare, education, PR, manufacturing and software. High-profile customers include Airbnb, Hootsuite, TGI Fridays, Ogilvy, Esurance and Sotheby’s.

Key Features

  • Gantt Charts: Zoom out to see the full view of a project’s tasks, dependencies, timeline and scope. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to adjust task dates and add dependencies. It’s also easy to toggle between different views (day, week, month, etc.). Wrike facilitates data transfer for users switching from Microsoft Project, ensuring all elements are imported for MPP, MPX and XML formats. 
  • Task Management: Wrike brings together all aspects of your project — tasks, schedules and team communications — into a single location for more efficient project management. The platform connects with Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook, allowing you to manage tasks directly from your inbox. It also facilitates time tracking and reporting. 
  • Project Templates: A range of pre-built templates allow teams to start with key elements already in place. Specific template types include agile teamwork, project scheduling, event management, product launches, Kanban projects, ticketing and helpdesk, sprint planning, and product roadmaps. 
  • Reports: Wrike offers reporting capabilities to users with business and enterprise accounts. The report builder takes you through the four-stage process of creating a report, with inputs for type, source data, filters and layout (table or column). Report topics include weekly project status, unassigned tasks, active tasks by assignee and others. 
  • Wrike Resource (premium add-on): This feature provides resource management and is available with Business, Wrike for Marketers and Enterprise plans. A visual, intuitive interface facilitates workload planning and changes, providing full visibility of team performance. You can also customize resource utilization analytics tools to track KPIs for better insight. 
  • Wrike Proof (premium add-on): Streamline feedback processes and review cycles with visual tools and a centralized system that keeps version control in check. You can assign approvers internally as well as invite external reviewers. The software also connects with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, letting creatives review feedback and make updates from the app they work in. 
  • Wrike Lock (premium add-on): Wrike provides cloud security and privacy with encryption keys. Both your data and the keys are encrypted, letting you determine who can access and edit the information stored on the platform. You have full control over the individual keys via a master key that’s stored by the Key Management Service from AWS. 
  • Wrike Publish (premium add-on): This feature enables digital asset management (DAM). Integrations with DAM platforms provide a range of capabilities, including stakeholder collaboration and file proofing. You can also attach files to tasks, quickly search your workspace for the right asset and gain brand consistency across campaigns. 

Wrike Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The general support email is [email protected] Another option is to fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page, though it only offers help topics for billing and security. You can also turn to the Wrike community forum to ask questions and learn about best practices. Wrike team community members often reply to issues.
phonePhone: To reach the support team, call the main line: +1 (877) 779-7453.
schoolTraining: Wrike trainings take place via free webinars. In addition to general content, webinars include ask the expert episodes and best practices topics. There are also short video tutorials, a developer portal and an extensive knowledge base that covers everything from work views to security.
local_offerTickets: The “Submit a Request” button is located in the help portal on Wrike’s website. To submit a ticket, simply fill out your email, the subject and a description. There are also options to receive a return call and add files.

Wrike Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

3479 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Approximately 60% of users mention Wrike’s user-friendly interface and features in addition to easy installation.
  • Collaboration: According to 90% of users, it's easy to share files and collaborate with internal and external team members, stakeholders and business partners.
  • Support and Learning Materials: Wrike offers helpful customer support to help with implementation questions and any other concerns that arise as stated by 65% of users.
  • Customizable and Flexible: Approximately 75% of users say Wrike has a customizable and flexible system to fit their business needs.
  • Organization: There are plenty of folders and labels to keep files and projects organized, as reported by 85% of users.
  • Notifications: Wrike delivers various project notifications and alerts as stated by 61% of users.
  • Helpful Tools: Approximately 71% of users appreciate Wrike's various dashboards, Gantt charts, reports and other distinct modules.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Of the users who describe Wrike's user interface, 39% say the interface has a steep learning curve and is hard to understand.
  • Training: Approximately 35% of users iterate that implementation training and support is available but is difficult to learn.
  • Alerts: Of the users who discuss Wrike's alerts and notifications, 38% of them say there's no way to adjust how many they receive.

Researcher's Summary:

Wrike is an effective project management solution with a user-friendly interface and a straightforward implementation process. Its string of features, such as reporting, dashboards, file-sharing, notifications and Gantt charts can streamline procedures to boost productivity while also keeping users organized. However, its various subscription plans and prices can be overwhelming for small businesses. If users don't have prior experience with project management software, it can be hard to master.

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