Benefits and Insights

Why use WorkMarshal?

Key differentiators & advantages of WorkMarshal

  • Advanced Task Management Tool- WorkMarshal's advance task management tool automates users' repetitive activities and keeps them compliant throughout the year. 
  • Effective Management of Multiple Projects-  WorkMarshal can easily monitor and manage all ongoing projects effectively. The project list dashboard instantly let users know the status of their projects in real time. 
  • Making Projects Manageable- Users can break projects into manageable tasks. They can set assignees and realistic deadlines for each task. Users can add estimated man hours for each task. Users can also set themselves a reminder so as to get automatic alerts just in time before the task goes critical. 
  • Dashboard- Users can get a real time picture on the progress of their projects. They can use filters to drill down different data points, be aware of the individual contributions and performance and get a high level overview on the time spent on each project. 
  • Audit Trail- Users can track all the changes to their projects with clear audit trail. 
  • Time Management- Users can capture accurate manhours keeping the clients informed. They can record time spent on each activity so as to avoid any last minute hiccups in case they want to bill the clients for extended hours. 
  • Adding Notes, Files and Expenses- Users can add important notes related to the project and keep everyone informed. They can add all project related files at one place where anyone can find them, and can keep track of all their expenses and keep those budges under check.

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