Benefits and Insights

Why use WorkflowMax?

Key differentiators & advantages of WorkflowMax

  • Invoicing- WorkflowMax’s invoicing feature is flexible and gives users the control on how it looks and what is included. It can compute on different costs such as actual time and costs, estimated/quoted costs, percentage of quoted value, or progress amount. Users can use custom rates and integrate easily with Xero software. 
  • Client Manager- WorkflowMax's client manager feature allows users to view all client information and details from one screen. It is also easy to search client information, prospects or archived data. 
  • Quoting- WorkflowMax has a powerful quote management system for creating quotes and revising them quickly. It helps in impressing clients by building trust and improving conversions with professional, custom designed quotes. With the help of this quote management system, end users can keep filing in check with auto-generated quote numbers and they can also add their own terms and conditions to get paid correctly. 
  • Lead Manager- The system supports leads management that tracks leads, proposals and sales pipeline visually from a dashboard. Users can also track how their sales staff is performing. 
  • Job and Project Management – The online software has a job management and resource scheduling feature that provides users the information of who is doing what, when, how and why. They can see due dates, overdue, percent complete, and more. Job information such as notes, emails, and documents are all in one place. It has the dates screen, notification by email, and work allocation screen. 
  • Collaboration manager- The collaboration manager feature allows private and secure logins for staff, customers and contractors. End users can connect their emails to a job within WorkflowMax automatically.

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