Benefits and Insights

Why use Trello?

Key differentiators & advantages of Trello

  • Visualize Project Workflows: Present projects visually using Kanban and Scrum layouts. Add list columns for team requirements and name them according to their workflow stages while keeping items organized and identifying bottlenecks. 
  • Hit Deadlines: Add due dates to cards and set reminders for everyone. Easily view due dates on cards, which turn red when past deadlines. 
  • Intuitive Interface: Move cards between columns with drag-and-drop capabilities or switch the order of columns. 
  • Centralized Collaboration: Facilitate communication within teams, add description boxes, attachments and comment threads to cards. Mention and add team members to cards to identify who’s responsible for each task. 
  • Track Details: Cards display relevant details about a task. Labels identify the card’s purpose, status or other specific information. Add a checklist to track items associated with a task and show or hide a card’s activity. 
  • Work With External Users: Invite guests to single or multiple boards to collaborate. Provide selective access without compromising boards that are for internal use only. 
  • Simplify Communication: Connects with email so users can comment on Trello cards and share attachments directly from their inbox. Each board is assigned a specific email address, which enables creating cards from email as well. 
  • Stay Updated: Change updates let users know when they are tagged, or a member is moved to another column. Set notifications for email, mobile, desktop and the app. 
  • Free Version: Create unlimited personal boards, cards and lists, along with one power-up per board for free. Include ten team boards, basic automation via integration with Butler and two-factor authentication. 

Industry Expertise

Trello is used by thousands of companies and millions of users around the globe. It’s suitable for businesses in any industry, and its clients come from sectors ranging from technology and the nonprofit space to manufacturing and food service.

Key Features

  • Boards: Create multiple boards for different projects, workflows or other needs. Keep all related information organized in a single location. 
  • Cards: Build processes, follow progress and manage all aspects of a project. Foster collaboration and organization within teams. 
  • Task Management: Represent tasks on each card and move them through the workflow. Set up and manage task dependencies by creating checklists and linking associated cards to one another. 
  • Templates: Create real-world boards from the inspiration section for teams. Use pre-built or custom templates to create boards, lists or cards. 
  • Power-Ups: Integrate it with apps like Slack, Zapier, Google Drive, MailChimp, Salesforce, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey and Zendesk to complete workflows. Choose from over 130 modules for file management, reporting, automation and developer tools.
  • Mobile Apps: Access it through iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, iPads, smart watches and Kindle fire tablets. 


This product has the following limitations as of writing this review:
  •  Doesn’t work properly on mobile platforms. 
  •  Power-ups are tricky. 
  •  Difficult to scale and manage multiple projects. 
  •  Limited storage capacity. 

Trello Suite Support

The support team is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Trello is closed on all major U.S. holidays, including Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day. The user community is a great place to receive advice, get use case questions answered and find how-to suggestions.

mail_outlineEmail: The support email address is [email protected] Users can also send a message via the support page on Trello’s website. This option is best for questions related to billing, security or Business Class. For additional help, users can reach out to @trellosupport on Twitter.
phonePhone: No phone support number is listed.
schoolTraining: Although Trello doesn’t offer any formal training, it provides guides that cover features, board creation, Trello basics, team creation, pro tips, collaboration, team admin and other core topics. There’s also a robust knowledge base that contains 290+ help articles on getting started, apps, Power-Ups, using the software and more.

Trello Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

29065 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Functionality: Trello offers robust organizational tools that simplify task delegation and streamline workflows, as reported by nearly 88% of the users who mention the product’s functionality.
  • Easy to Use: The system is intuitive, user friendly and doesn’t require a steep learning curve to understand its features, as noted by approximately 82% of users who referred to its usability.
  • Collaborative: Approximately 79% of users who talked about collaboration noted that project collaborations are a breeze with Trello as it shares information with team members and clients in an organized manner while adding specific members to project cards.
  • Customizable: The system is highly customizable with numerous display choices and features to adapt to users’ requirements, as reported by nearly 74% of reviewers who referred to customization.


  • Scalability: Nearly 75% of reviewers who mention scalability note that it is cumbersome to scale the system to a company’s growing needs and cannot manage complex projects.
  • Cost: Trello offers limited functional and storage capabilities in its basic version, and advanced version requires per-user licensing, making it expensive for large teams, reported nearly 83% of users who mentioned cost.
  • Mobile Application: The system doesn’t perform well on mobile platforms, and its mobile application cannot perform all the functions of the desktop version, as reported by nearly 71% of users who mentioned mobile accessibility.
  • Installation: Trello is challenging to install and can overwhelm new users with its host of features, as reported by nearly 69% of users who talked about product set-up.

Researcher's Summary:

Trello includes robust workflow management and organizational capabilities for users to efficiently manage a project lifecycle. Its intuitive UI and clean dashboards simplify task delegation and monitoring, along with streamlining workflows. Its collaborative tools foster team communication and information sharing, while flexible integration capabilities help complete workflows. However, it lacks enterprise-grade project management abilities and is not suitable to handle large projects that require bulk movements. Additionally, the system provides limited features in its basic plan, and its mobile application lacks several functionalities offered by the desktop version.

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