Benefits and Insights

Why use Podio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Podio

  • Task Management: With Podio, users can break down large projects into simple to-do lists with assigned tasks. Labels can be added to any task to help prioritize work. Files can easily be shared through status posts and chats or can be attached to any tasks. Podio tasks can also be automated using workflows.
  • Podio Apps: These are customizable tools used by teams to organize and track their work. With the drag and drop interface, a user can pick from a combination of field types to create their own apps that suit a team’s unique work process.
  • Third Party Integration and Extensions: Podio integrates well with many of the popular file-sharing services, customer support products, and marketing tools like GoToMeeting, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, Freshbooks, Onedrive, Excel and many more. In addition, Podio Extensions offer optional extras, built for specific use-cases. It also offers an open API for developers to create their unique integrations.
  • Native Mobile App: Podio provides native Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets so all content from Podio workspaces are at user’s fingertips. With notifications and details of the project progress, users can collaborate and share files, access contents on-the-move.
  • Podio Chat: With Podio chat, users can engage in one-to-one or group messaging, and audio-video calling. It provides a real-time collaboration experience with a variety of files including text, images, files, and links.
  • Workspace: These are virtual spaces where groups of people can collaborate on a project or task. It is open to employees, vendors, contractors, and clients. Each workspace can be set to open, private, or employees that ensure only authorized people can see the information. It contains a workspace calendar that shows everything happening in a particular workspace.

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