Benefits and Insights

Why use Paymo?

Key differentiators & advantages of Paymo

  • Real-time Task Management: Paymo offers inline editing to edit or add tasks quickly. Task lists allow users to group similar tasks and reorder them with drag and drop. Tasks can be viewed with all the descriptions, files, real-time comments and filters. 
  • Kanban Board: The Kanban Board allows users to create a workflow and move project tasks through sequential and logical steps. Members involved in a project can see the work progress at anytime. The board can be customized to adapt to specific workflows.
  • Automatic Time Tracker: PaymoPlus is a desktop app to work on multiple projects that monitor all the time spent on apps, documents, and email or on websites like YouTube or Facebook. Users can easily switch between tasks without requiring to clock-in everytime. The “Rule Filtering System” allows users to automatically link the time spent to the right projects. 
  • Mobile App: Paymo offers native iOS and Android apps for users to keep an eye on their project status on-the-go. The application allows users to create new projects, task lists and tasks, add new clients, or view a list of tasks and add time entries to the timesheet. Any changes made offline are synchronized with the online account when connected to the Internet. 
  • Third Party Integrations: Paymo integrates with popular third-party applications like Google Apps, Zapier, GrandTotal, and Adobe in order to automate workflow and facilitate the way to manage projects. Additionally, the Paymo RESTful API allows developers to create custom integrations and access all the data in a Paymo account programmatically. 
  • Invoice Generation: With Paymo, a user can manually adjust the data, and convert the timesheet or create estimates and convert approved ones into invoices. These invoices can then be customized to reflect the business brand and supports multiple languages and currencies. The invoices can be shared with clients and asked to pay directly from the invoice via a payment gateway.

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