Benefits and Insights

Why use OpenAir?

Key differentiators & advantages of OpenAir

  • Visibility: Track KPIs through graphical analysis, see which employees are on PTO and who has requested time off on specific days.  
  • User-Friendly: Report search capabilities are easy to use. Lets users browse through numerous reports using basic search terminology and find specific documents.  
  • Individualized Solution: Can be customized to meet individual needs. Develop reports that measure data points relevant to operational needs with drag-and-drop tools. 
  • Increased Productivity: Lets users visualize labor allocation for streamlined employee scheduling. Employee availability, skill and experience can be measured for project assignments.  
  • Communication: Add notes to the workflow to ensure standardized communication. Add notes to clarify information about time entries.  

Industry Expertise

More than 18,000 customers located across 200+ companies use NetSuite. Some of the industries that use this service include apparel, food and beverage, healthcare, education, energy, manufacturing, retail, publishing, transportation, restaurants and distribution.

Key Features

  • Time Tracking: Customizes timesheet approvals by client and project, supports multi-level and project-based approvals and lets users track leave and vacation time. View who is in or out of the office to schedule meetings and appointments. Add notes and descriptions to each input, and sort time by billable and non-billable hours.  
  • Project Management: Users can view the complete status of a project to keep tasks on-track and reduce the potential for errors or incomplete deliverables. Develop “what if” project planning scenarios to adjust margins, billing rates, pricing and staffing. Also supports Gantt charts, project status summaries and exceptions reports.  
  • Reporting/Dashboard: Dashboards reflect KPIs on initial login. Present profit margins, resource utilization and projected vs. actual budgets as graphs to make development of actionable insights faster and easier. Build reports using drag-and-drop tools. 
  • Resource Management: View labor resource allocation and deploy staff members to different projects based on experience, skills, availability and more. using the resource management tool. Deploy labor resources from across the globe, attribute work back to the correct project teams and bill labor resources in the appropriate currency.  
  • Expense Tracking: Integrates with workflows like project accounting and invoicing to expedite the expense management cycle, including expense submission, approval and reporting. Expenses are tied directly to projects, eliminating confusion regarding where an expense came from and who should be billed.  
  • Invoicing: Supports multi-currency and multi-taxation requirements such as PST, VAT and GST. Manages finances from the time a bid is prepared to the time an internal charge-back is issued. Project profitability is tracked on a case-by-case basis due to the complexity of measuring ROI for diverse projects. Revenue recognition is conducted separately from project billing. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Editing projects and timesheets can be confusing for a first time user.  
  •  Timesheets have to be set up again and again as it does not store the last timesheet used.  
  •  Editing a time-sheet is time consuming.  

Suite Support

NetSuite OpenAir offers basic, premium and advanced customer support tiers. The specific functionality associated with each of these plans differs. NetSuite offers the Basic Support plan as a part of every software subscription.

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for sales and support. Global email addresses are available on the website.
phonePhone: Call 1-877-638-7848 to get 24/7 assistance. Global phone numbers are available on the website.
schoolTraining: NetSuite offers certifications, virtual courses and webinars to help users learn more about the product.
local_offerTickets:Tickets can be created by submitting details in a contact form on the website or through the phone with a Premium Support package.

OpenAir Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

247 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User Friendly: The system is easy to use and intuitive, as noted by approximately 86% of users who mention the system’s usability.
  • Time Tracking and Expense Reports: Approximately 90% of the users reviewed think this feature increases their productivity and effectiveness.
  • Customization: Nearly 75% of the users reviewed find this feature to be quite robust.
  • Reporting: About 57% of the users reviewed find its reporting capabilities to be helpful and informative.
  • Support: Nearly 67% of the users reviewed think the support offered by OpenAir is helpful.


  • Cost: Nearly 100% of users who mentioned cost reported that OpenAir’s offerings were too expensive for smaller businesses or prohibitive.
  • Implementation: The physical implementation process misses the mark, and can be difficult according to 70% of reviewers who mention implementation.
  • Intuitive Interface: Nearly 65% of the users reviewed think that the interface is not intuitive and that administrative tools are limited.
  • Bugs: Approximately 100% of users that mentioned bugs or slowdowns think that the system is clunky and disrupts work.
  • Integration: Nearly 60% of the users who mention integration think that integration between OpenAir and NetSuite is not seamless. Also, Microsoft Projects importing is not smooth.

Researcher's Summary:

OpenAir provides a robust suite of tools that many of their users find intuitive and accessible. Its features support time and expense tracking tasks that help users organize and streamline their processes. Integration with NetSuite helps boost teamwork and streamline task assignments. However, it comes with a high price tag and support can be slow to resolve issues. Expense reports can be clunky via its mobile app.

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