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Why use Asana?

Key differentiators & advantages of Asana

  • Native Mobile App: Provides mobile apps for iOS and Android, and lets team members capture ideas, track work and collaborate while on-the-go. 
  • Task Management: Set tasks, assign them, and monitor task status and progress as timelines, calendars and boards. There’s a field for putting in the task description, and users can add attachments as well as create due dates. 
  • Notifications: Compiles all notifications in a single location. Streamlines work by making it quick and easy to take action on notifications. Unfollowing a notification only takes one click. 
  • Company-Wide Workflows: Structure Asana workflows to keep track of initiatives at a company level. It also supports work requests, employee onboarding, and company goals and milestones. 
  • Security: Google SSO, member deprovisioning, forced password reset, SAML and password complexity controls secure user accounts. Protect data via full-organization export, deletion, service accounts and cross-regional backups. 
  • Extended Capability: With over 100 Asana integrations to choose from, your team can plug in apps that make your workspace more powerful. Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zapier, Google Drive, GitHub and Dropbox are among the integration choices. 
  • Free Plan: The basic version of the software is free for a team of up to 15 team members. Small teams can track and collaborate on unlimited tasks, projects and conversations. 

Industry Expertise

Asana is used by over 30,000 paying customers across 192 countries, and 45% of its clients are located outside the U.S. The companies that have implemented Asana range from SMBs to enterprises across industries that include retail, hospitality, government, financial services and the nonprofit space.

Key Features

  • Boards: Visually lay out, manage and track projects. Customize the number of columns on each board and apply filter views based on assignee or due date. Drag-and-drop features allow you to quickly and easily move tasks.  
  • Timelines: Track all project details from one place. Color-coded statuses show task progress and priority, and users can set start and end dates. Tasks can also be linked to indicate dependencies. 
  • Templates: Custom templates enable teams to reuse common workflows and processes. Generate templates from an existing project or start with a custom template and edit details to create a new project. 
  • Portfolios: The portfolio feature acts as a company’s command center for all active projects. A dashboard view shows a list of each project’s status, progress, dates, priority, custom field values and project owner. 
  • Custom Fields: Manage the details associated with each task. Custom fields enable users to add extra data such as a task’s stage or cost. 
  • Group Controls: Facilitates collaboration by sorting users into three group types: members (internal), guests (external) and limited access members. Settings control access level and edit permissions, ensuring all team members can contribute in the ways they need without sacrificing privacy. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Some advanced options are gated behind premium purchases 
  •  Mobile app has limited functionality 

Asana Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email [email protected] There’s also a guided help section on the website’s support page that’s split into three headings: “I want to learn”, “I’m having trouble with”, and “I’d like to upgrade”. Under “I’m having trouble with”, users can scroll down to the “Let’s talk” button to reach a contact form.
schoolTraining: Available through Asana Academy, which features webinars, interactive courses and other trainings. Users get free access to 40 courses grouped into nine topics. Certification is also offered. Additionally, Asana provides a knowledge base, community forum and the option to purchase a customer success program that includes enterprise deployment and onboarding consultation.
local_offerTickets: To report bugs, visit the Asana forum, navigate to the "Report a Bug" subcategory and start a new thread with a list the issue details.

Asana Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

17770 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User Friendly: The system is easy to use and intuitive, as noted by approximately 70% of users who mention the system’s usability.
  • Functionality: Asana offers a robust suite of successful project management tools, as reported by 86% of the users who mention the functionality of the product.
  • Collaborative: About 95% of users noted that this system helps bridge the gaps between remote teams and can quickly coordinate users.
  • Integrations: Available integrations help add value to the base product, as reported by 60% of reviewers who mention integrations.


  • Cost: Nearly 100% of users who mentioned cost reported that Asana’s premium offerings were too expensive for smaller businesses, or as prohibitive to upgrading from the free version.
  • Advanced Features: About 90% of users who mentioned advanced features noted that they were locked behind premium purchases or unavailable.
  • Implementation: The physical implementation process misses the mark, and can be difficult according to 66% of reviewers who mention implementation.
  • Support: Support for the system can be slow with some users noting that their support queues have existed for a year or more, as reported by 78% of users who mention support.

Researcher's Summary:

Asana provides a robust suite of project management tools that most of its users find intuitive and accessible. It’s features support all critical project management tasks that help users organize and streamline their processes. Collaborative features help boost teamwork and streamline task assignments. However, its premium features and platform come with a high price tag and support can be slow to resolve issues.

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