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Why use Airtable?

Key differentiators & advantages of Airtable

  • Link Content: Airtable provides a unique functionality that allows you to link records between tables. This eliminates duplicate data entry and creates intelligent relationships among items. 
  • Use Airtable for Free: The basic package is available for free and doesn’t have a user limit. It includes essential capabilities, unlimited bases, a max of 1,200 records per base and other features. 
  • Build Tables With Rich Fields: The software enables you to create different layouts within each table using unique field types. Single line text, attachments, checkboxes, links to records, multiple selections dates and other options are available to configure a table that fits each project’s needs. 
  • Enhance Collaboration: Team members can communicate seamlessly via tagged comments. And with native apps for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), Airtable facilitates on-the-go work. All changes sync across every team member’s device, keeping everyone updated in real time. 

Industry Expertise

Airtable has a customer base of over 80,000 that’s spread around the world. WeWork, Condé Nast Entertainment, Cole Haan, Shopify and Box are among the notable names on its client Rolodex.

Key Features

  • Bases: Databases form the foundation of projects in Airtable. Similar to spreadsheets, each base supports multiple tables. Additionally, you can view the information in each table in several ways. 
  • Blocks: Blocks add functionality to bases, letting you build workflows that fit to your team’s needs. Using the WYSIWYG editor, you can create a host of layouts and interactive interfaces, such as timelines, charts, time trackers, pivot tables, 3D model explorers, page designers and countdown clocks. Blocks also give you the ability to send group SMS messages or connect via video chat. 
  • Templates: Get started with out-of-the box templates that cover the gamut of project types and are suitable for different departments. Choose from categories like content production, creative, event planning, marketing, project management, product and more. 
  • Layout Configurations: Airtable displays project details using four different views: Kanban, grid, calendar or gallery. The grid layout provides an overview of different tasks that include priority level, department, deadline and other elements. The Kanban and gallery views have similar functionality but are more visual and less detailed. Finally, the calendar displays tasks based on deadline date for a visual overview. 
  • Integrations and Extensions: Airtable integrates with popular apps including other project management tools such as Asana and Trello. It also connects with Zendesk, Box, Evernote, G Suite tools, GitHub, Dropbox and others. For extended capabilities, your team can use Zapier to configure integrations with more than 1,000 apps and websites. 

Airtable Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The Airtable support team is available via the following email address: [email protected]
schoolTraining: Airtable offers a variety of resources. The overview guide, FAQ section and intro video provide basic info. To dig deeper, users can view the Getting Started video, search the help center for specific topics, visit the community forum or access in-depth guides. Enterprise accounts include personalized training and access to a customer success manager.
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2 - 9
Airtable....where have you been all my life! I've worked in the non-profit field for the better part of 15 years. Mostly for small organizations with tight budgets. We are constantly looking for ways to manage information for grants, donors, program data, you name it. With limited staff and budgets, we're pretty much relegated to Google Sheets or Excell. CRM's like Salesforce and DonorPerfect are nice, but complicated and expensive for a small organization. Then came Airtable.... Airtable is incredibly simple to set up. In two evenings of work, I set up a base that will manage a project involving 8 different NGO's operating in 5 geographic regions to engage over 500 community groups. I shared the base with our team and they were able to pick up how to use it in about a week. We've been using Airtable now for about 6 months and people LOVE it. The way it allows you to filter and view data is simply amazing and a game changer. I couldn't even begin to calculate how much easier my and our teams' lives are using this tool for our project. What's great, is the other NGO's involved are starting to adopt Airtable for other work within their own organization. I HIGHLY recommend this product. The future of spreadsheets is here, and it's name is Airtable!
Honestly, there is not much I don't like about this product. The one flag I do have is that when it comes to budgets, Excel and Google sheets probably do have Airtable beat. Other than that, my experience has been nothing but positive thus far.
2 - 9
Best ever design, an easy collaboration, and a variety of different templates.
It took me some time to figure out how some features work.
Very, very satisfied. The company I work for, use it and I was initially hesitant if I will be able to find my way around. I was blown away by the amazing design.
Real Estate
2 - 9
Software is easy to use and intuitive. Lots of video tutorials to help you understand how to make the most of it. It feels in a void in data management which Excel does not provide.
Its customer support is limited but it does have an online community where you can share your questions. There are a few software experts there that answer and help and some will offer their services to you for a fee, to help you solve your problems. I liked that, it saved me time.
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