Software Selection Services

Software Selection Services

The SelectHub Services team uses a combination of diverse process, functional and technical experts, along with a specialized delivery model to help clients select and implement their new ERP system. The cornerstone of the delivery model is our proprietary software platform, that allows client stakeholders from various departments and geographies to collaborate on selecting and implementing the right ERP software.

SelectHub’s Proprietary ERP Software Selection Process

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Stages in the ERP Software Selection Process Explained

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The platform includes a prescriptive workflow that allows stakeholders to define and prioritize requirements, short-list vendors, run an RFI (request-for-information), RFP (request-for-proposal), run a proof-of-concept or trial, and compiling a final vendor scorecard. Once the final vendor has been chosen, SelectHub Services can help you negotiate the best licensing agreement, based on your preferences such as on-premise or cloud-based, number of users, admin vs regular users, and module rollout sequence. Once the license has been procured, SelectHub can bring in experts to help manage your project and implement the requisite functionality within expected timeline and budget.

  • Requirements Compilation
    We will guide client stakeholders through the development of the requirements, via 1:1 interviews, and also by reviewing and analyzing a peer-defined template of ERP software requirements, educating the client on best practices for their industry and company size.
    Once the requirements are defined, pertinent stakeholders across the company can collaborate on prioritizing and weighing the requirements.
  • Customized Research and Vendor Long-listing
    Once the requirements are defined, the SelectHub Services team will use its proprietary vendor long-listing system to identify products that might be a good fit based on the client profile (using criteria such as industry, company size, modules needed, deployment method, number of licenses needed, type of licenses, etc.) The goal at this stage is to identify 5 to 10 vendors to invite to the RFI (request-for-information).
  • Custom Scorecard or RFI
    Subsequently, the SelectHub Services Team will run an RFI with the vendors in the long-list by sharing relevant requirements with them. Vendors receive their log-in directly to the platform where they can view the RFI (after they sign an NDA, if necessary), ask pertinent questions, and respond to the RFI. All the interactions with the vendors become part of a detailed audit trail that is available to client stakeholders even after the selection project is complete and the contract is awarded to the winning vendor.
    At the conclusion of the RFI, SelectHub will compile a custom scorecard of all vendor responses, along with ratings both on a per-question and overall score basis and the final vendor shortlist is prepared by SelectHub and the client.
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  • RFP
    Based on the RFI ratings, the next step would be to issue an RFP (request-for-proposal) to the shortlisted (top 2-3) vendors, wherein they not only respond to more detailed followup questions compiled by the client stakeholders and SelectHub, but also submit a formal proposal to the client, along with cost for license, training, configuration and implementation.
  • Proof-of-Concept / Demo Scorecard
    The final step in the process is to analyze the proposal with the client stakeholders, and identify the top 1-2 vendors emerging out of the RFP and conduct a proof-of-concept (POC). During the proof-of-concept, the SelectHub Services team will build a set of use cases off the requirements, along with details around key success criteria and technical lab environment where the use case is to be run (i.e. the client-supplied lab, vendor-supplied lab or in an independent cloud environment that is set up to mimic the client’s production environment.) Each of the vendor finalists will then demo their product based on those use cases and the client stakeholders will rate their performance on a per-use-case basis, leading to the final decision of the top vendor(s).
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Once the top vendor(s) have been identified, SelectHub Services team can also help with contract negotiation (offering an unbiased opinion to clients on specific contract terms and service level agreements, or SLAs, based on industry data), as well as assist with implementation. For more details, please go to

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“This platform is very easy to use and intuitive. What used to take us 4 weeks can now be done in 2-3 days.”

Strategic Sourcing Director, financial services company


“SelectHub has simplified our entire process — leading to better requirements understanding, better buy-in from all stakeholders, and better selection of technology.”

Rob Meilen, VP & CIO, Hunger Douglas

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