Project Management

Project Management

Inadequate project management practices or inexperienced resources are a proven root cause for numerous failed ERP implementations. A strong, independent (non-vendor-affiliated) Project Manager is one of the most influential factors in separating the successful ERP projects from the unsuccessful ones. An experienced Project Manager with a proven track record of success can make all the difference to a successful implementation.

By auditing the primary vendor’s deliverables and project management processes, we proactively protect your organization’s interests. Our independence allows us to take an objective view while identifying high-risk areas early in the project so you can mitigate risks and prepare contingencies. The SelectHub Independent Project Manager (IPM) will provide the experienced checks-and-balances to hold everyone accountable for achieving future state expectations and quality of deliverables.

It is important to differentiate the SelectHub Project Manager from the software vendor’s Project Manager. The SelectHub IPM is independent and will NOT displace the software vendor’s project manager, and the converse is also true. The vendor project manager is responsible for scheduling and managing the vendor resources and specific software configuration activities necessary for a successful enterprise software implementation.

This Independent Project Manager role is designed to support the entire scope of the project including: 

  • The quality of all deliverables and timeline 
  • Accountability of all resources, budget and timeline 
  • Escalation of issues 
  • Proactive management of project risks that impact your business 

In addition, this IPM can be a valuable resource to stay on after the implementation project has gone live.  Tracking progress and documenting efficiencies gained, reduction of waste, etc.

Project management is an integrative endeavor where every action or failure to take action can affect your chances of success. The SelectHub Independent Project Manager will have a track record of leading successful business process improvement initiatives, enterprise software selection activities, enterprise software implementations and organizational change management projects that have referenceable customers and measurable results.

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