Integration Services

Integration Services

In today’s cloud-enabled workplace, no business relies on a single piece of software. Across industries, the cloud is reducing barriers to application adoption, bringing many capabilities directly to our browsers. Employees increasingly leverage multiple SaaS applications for various niche business functions. From an ERP implementation perspective, this often means businesses need to be concerned with how well many of these applications work together.

The common pre-existing application suites that need to integrate to and from ERP systems include customer relationship management (CRM), HRMS (HR management software), supply chain management (SCM), inventory management, warehouse management, transportation management and business intelligence (BI), among others.

Given the varied technology stacks and vendor proliferation, it is not uncommon to find that most of these applications often do not talk with each other. SelectHub’s application integration service is meant to enable this level of inter-application communication. Depending on the application landscape, SelectHub’s team of experts may recommend any of the following integration methods:

  • API-based
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • Peer-to-peer
  • File-to-file
  • Export/import

Such integrations can be enabled via the proprietary enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities embedded within many ERP application suites, as well as popular third-party integration buses such as Salesforce Mulesoft, TIBCO, Apigee, Oracle and others.

SelectHub can augment your IT staff, work with your ERP vendors and provide the needed expertise to ensure that ERP application integration does not become a stumbling block to an on-time and successful ERP implementation.

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