Data Conversion/Cleansing

Data Conversion/Cleansing

The importance of a clean data conversion process should not be underestimated.  Poor data conversion is the cause of many failed ERP projects, and is one of the major reasons for an ERP project missing its on-time objective. Robust planning and execution during this phase are critical.

By reviewing your existing data repositories and data models, a SelectHub team of data analysts can identify all databases that will need to be converted. Our team can also assist in creating current data models to ensure all the data mapping is current and accurate.

The ERP data team will develop a conversion strategy for the following types of data:

  • Static records – master non-changing data like customer information
  • Dynamic records – transactional data, like open purchase orders
  • History – transaction history
  • Flat-files (e.g. Excel spreadsheet)
  • Unstructured data stores (e.g. documents, images, etc.)
  • Object stores (e.g. non-SQL databases)

SelectHub can help companies with the conversion, data cleansing and data verification process across all of the above so the right data flows into the new ERP system without redundancy or duplication.

SelectHub’s data analysts are database experts and have extensive experience in ERP data conversions. We can supplement your IT staff in the following ERP implementation activities:

  • Data conversion planning
  • Data cleansing activities
  • Data mapping form the current system to the new system
  • Data migration
  • Extraction, transformation and load (ETL)
  • Quality assurance

Collectively, our team has had experience with various database systems:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM DB2 and Informix
  • PostGRES and other open-source databases
  • Mainframe databases
  • No-SQL data stores

SelectHub can augment your IT staff, work with your ERP vendors and provide the needed expertise to ensure that ERP data conversion does not become a stumbling block to an on-time and successful ERP implementation.

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