Change Management

Change Management

Poor change management, which includes inadequate training and executive planning, is a determining factor in over 50 percent of failed ERP projects. It is not enough to merely train employees to use a system. It is critical that everyone in the organization understands how adopting the new system will impact and affect everyone’s core responsibilities.

Communicating the benefits and driving the implementation from the highest level in the company is critical for a successful outcome. No one likes change unless they understand the reason behind it. User acceptance needs to be driven from the top, however, top-down management quite often doesn’t have an effective plan or understand how to affect a proper “Change Management” evolution.

SelectHub will address the following areas:

  • Develop and support an in-depth change management roadmap
  • Utilize a delivery-based, collaborative methodology
  • Drive ROI and employee adoption of new technologies, tools and processes. Utilizing a delivery-based, collaborative methodology, SelectHub works with key stakeholders to develop and support an in-depth change management roadmap.

SelectHub’s approach to organizational change management:

  • Establish Vision: A compelling vision that clearly spells out the business rationale for the change
  • Ensuring Readiness for Change
  • Solicit Sponsorships: Unbroken chain of committed leaders to drive and support the change
  • Build and Reinforce Skills: Training that builds the necessary new skills and behaviors
  • Motivate Employees: Communications, incentives and reinforcements that motivate and engage employees to embrace change
  • Plan: An action plan that integrates and manages all of the efforts to a target

Our change management practice supports activities that maximize adoption, provide measurement and tracking, deliver targeted communications, incorporate user education, and promote industry-specific best practices for your upcoming ERP implementation.

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