Professional Services

Professional Services

The world of enterprise software evaluation and implementation is vast and complex. Buyers struggle with even a basic understanding of what ERP solutions truly are. At times, organizations don’t fully grasp what their most critical requirements are.  Business processes are often antiquated and inefficient. In today’s Cloud-enabled workplace, integration projects can become a conundrum. Before a company can define a future state, it needs to understand “what is possible” with new, modern enterprise software technology.

SelectHub Services offers clients a trusted, experienced and vendor-independent voice when selecting, implementing and improving ERP and associated software solutions. With over 80 years of implementation experience, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of implementations. Our goal is to see every enterprise software implementation happen successfully so you come out the other side with a more efficient, profitable business for years to come.

Our Process

We use our A-P-I (Assess, Prepare, Improve) methodology to guide you from evaluating vendors through selecting your preferred solution to executing the contract and implementing the solution. Each phase covers a different part of the process, including our assessment of where you are, what you need to do and where you want to end up. As we navigate your implementation, we’ll maintain our status as an unbiased third party so you’ll only get the advice that helps you succeed.

Assess First, we evaluate your current situation and recommend where you need to go next.
Prepare Then, we get you ready to choose a new system and use it effectively.
Improve Finally, we get your new system running so you can begin to see the positive results.
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