RMM Tools: The Best Remote Monitoring & Management Systems

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A managed service provider (MSP) is a handy IT team for a company or enterprise that doesn’t have one of its own. An MSP, a type of professional services automation (PSA), provides applications, networks, security and other services either within their customer’s company, their own data center or a third-party data center. An important software MSPs use is remote monitoring and management (RMM), a type of ERP software. RMM tools permit MSPs to remotely monitor and manage networks, computers and endpoints for their clients.

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Thanks to our outstanding research team, we’ve compiled a list of the top RMM tools for MSPs. Before we review the best solutions, let’s discuss common features that these tools possess.

Common Features

Like all software, RMM tools come with individual features and benefits. Just remember that you need solutions that meet the needs of your business and clients. Although a feature or requirement is popular, it doesn’t mean it will fit your business needs. Here are some popular features in RMM tools:

  • Remote Access & Control: Remote capabilities allow you to access, control and troubleshoot your networks, devices and infrastructures from any compatible device.
  • Patch Management: This feature can seamlessly develop, examine and install different patches or updates for existing applications and software on your system.
  • Automation: This tool can automate replicable tasks no matter how complex, ultimately increasing IT efficiency.
  • Monitoring: This feature allows you to carefully monitor network devices and performance metrics, such as CPU, memory, disk space and more.
  • Reporting: A good reporting tool can discern trends in your system’s performance as well as generate various reports and documents such as your organization’s health, asset summary and device alert reports.

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The Best RMM Tools

It’s showtime. SelectHub presents our top choices. Before you review this list, make yourself a wishlist of the top features you want in an RMM tool for your MSP practices. Then read over each of the products on our list and see how they measure up.

SolarWinds RMM

SolarWinds RMM by SolarWinds MSP is a cloud and on-premise solution that administrates IT operations across all client networks for companies of all sizes. SolarWinds RMM is intended for IT professionals and MSPs. Its capabilities include patch management, remote access, reporting, data backup and recovery.

SolarWinds RMM Dashboard

An example of SolarWinds’ monitoring capabilities.

Store and Recover Data

Backup and recovery features come in handy, especially for MSPs or IT teams. Let’s say, for example, all of your data and information are up to par as you leave the office on Friday. But a low-magnitude earthquake rocks the office Sunday evening. When you show up Monday morning, chances are some or all of your data could be wiped out and you have no way of retrieving it. SolarWinds’ backup and recovery feature can provide techniques, such as virtual and continuous disaster recovery, advanced encryption standards, bandwidth throttling and more, for storing and recovering your system and data from earthquakes and other IT disasters.

Remote Access and Maintenance

SolarWinds’ remote access component can easily maintain and fix any issues remotely with these tools:

  • Reporting
  • System configuration
  • Performance issue maintenance
  • Service management
  • and more

You can also record any support session you want and review it at any time for troubleshooting or quality control as well as review chat transcripts.

Patch Management

SolarWind’s patch management tool is equipped with these features and advantages:

  • One Console: SolarWind’s single, easy-to-use patch management tool guarantees you don’t need multiple tools to keep your third-party programs updated.
  • Approval: Permits you to approve patches in batches across various sites, networks, servers and workstations.
  • Automation: Automatically approves patches for specific programs based on varying security levels.
  • Scheduling: You can set schedules for patching so you can perform them without disrupting crucial productive times for employees
  • Reporting: With clear reports, you get full visibility of your patch statuses. You can also quickly fix issues that may arise from patch installations.

Automate and Script with Ease

The automation and script management tool has a drag-and-drop feature that crafts automatic tasks so you don’t have to learn a new complex script language. You also can write original scripts and upload them onto the system, even if your team members have little or no coding experience. There are more than 100 scripted tasks that can be entered and performed. This tool also comes with a script scheduling option. You can also set protective tasks to activate automatically when a monitoring check detects an issue.

Extensive Report System

SolarWinds RMM comes with a reporting component that can catch trends in your system’s performance and closely observe bandwidth. One type of report is an executive summary report. This report ciphers and transfers the business and technical value of the services to the users and management. You can see key metrics and support activities in a professional easy-to-read format. Other reports pertain to areas such as inventory, antivirus protection, user audits, hardware and software checkups among others. This component also permits you to export your reports as a PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word file.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


Kaseya Limited’s Kaseya VSA is a remote monitoring and IT management software designed for businesses of all sizes. Kaseya VSA’s deployment options include cloud, on-premise, hybrid, virtual and distributed. Its key features are patch management, inventory, monitoring, automation and remote control access.

Kaseya Dashboard

An example of Kaseya’s Asset Summary tool.

Troubleshoot and Collaborate Remotely

The remote control tool allows technicians to access computers remotely and collaborate with end-users. You can securely access all your endpoints quickly without affecting user productivity and fix end-user problems instantly. You can manage all of your devices from any location even over low-quality networks and access devices at home or behind secure firewalls. The remote control feature also includes a one-click script implementation to rectify before end-users are affected.

Thoroughly Monitor Your Infrastructure

All of your infrastructure components and performance metrics, such as memory, disk space, CPU, etc., are closely monitored thanks to Kaseya’s monitoring and alerts feature. This feature also processes and services event logs, applications, hardware changes and more, keeping your MSP afloat.

Patch Transparency

The patch management feature grants real-time transparency to the patch status of any device in your IT environment – including on and off-network devices – so you’ll always stay in the loop. You can quickly set up patch reports to check compliance statuses throughout the entire IT environment and immediately catch endpoints that need your attention. This feature also allows you to keep all of your third-party and system patch applications updated to preserve your IT infrastructure.

Pinpoint and Manage Networks

You can get a clear snapshot of your entire IT environment thanks to the discovery and inventory management tool. This tool aids in finding computers and devices on single networks or whole domains as well as arranges all of your machines into groups. This feature also eliminates repetitive tasks, shrinks risks and frees up more time, boosting your productivity.

Automation that Boosts Productivity

Kaseya VSA’s automation feature depletes errors by implementing endpoint policies that allow you to alter your endpoints with just the click of a button. Instead of waiting for users to create a help ticket, this tool grants you the ability to automate scripts to fix issues. You can diminish interruptions by scheduling scripts to perform at a time when it’s convenient for your users.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

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ConnectWise Automate

Are you in need of a remote monitoring and management platform that tracks and manages IT assets from one location? ConnectWise Automate by ConnectWise may be what you need. This software implements proactive monitoring to keep a constant examination of recurring issues, while also utilizing scripting to auto-rectify problems. Patching, automation, endpoint management, multi-deployability and asset discovery are some of its top features.

ConnectWise Automation Dashboard

An example of ConnectWise Automate’s monitoring component.

Monitor without Interruptions

The monitoring component can foresee the activity of all the devices you manage and automatically notifies you of issues and resolutions so you can immediately stop minor problems before they grow into big problems. You can also resolve issues without interrupting end-users. The monitoring feature can give a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions so you can perceive which one of your team members have connected remotely as well as how long they were connected.

Endpoint Administration

The endpoint management tool can give access to each endpoint that their customers manage so you can promptly work out issues and deplete downtime. This tool can also assist in supplying reliable support to your customers regardless if they work in or out of the office. With more than 100 unique box commands for your desktop and service management and an up-to-date inventory snapshot capability, this component can establish a robust amount of data right in front of you and your team.

Hassle-Free Automation

In addition to automating endpoints, ConnectWise Automate naturally performs administrative duties such as generating random passwords, emailing scheduled reports, updating custom data fields and running structured query language (SQL). Creative script functions grant your team the option to automate devices, including some Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, routers and switches.

Instant Third-Party Patches

Need to patch applications and programs ASAP? No problem. ConnectWise’s third-party patch management tool’s easy installation and configuration processes allow you to start updating your applications immediately. This tool instantaneously completes daily downloads of upgrades so your customers have current versions of their preferred applications. You can integrate this feature with your PSA so you can automate your billing process and include it on your invoices.

Hold Remote Sessions

ConnectWise Automate’s remote control sessions tool can grant service techs a single source for monitoring and reporting remote control sessions. The extended auditing capability can record videos of remote sessions and allow techs to observe what’s happening on their customer’s website.

Keep Track of Assets

You’ll never have to worry about finding assets and devices again with the asset discovery feature. Automated network scans supply you with up-to-date records of supported systems and devices. There are two kinds of asset inventory that are equipped with this feature: agent and agentless. You are given complete clarity for your virtual machines and other network devices that coordinate your standards and support for simple device management.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


Atera by Atera Networks is a remote management and monitoring program that gives clarity and authority over various networks from any device. Designed for cloud and on-premise deployability, Atera caters to MSPs, IT professionals, small and medium organizations. It has a complete assembly of real-time monitoring, IT automation, patch management and reporting elements.

Atera Dashboard

An example of Atera’s dashboard.

Instant Monitoring and Alerts

Looking for a monitoring and alert feature that instantly sends real-time status notifications of your system resources, network and IP monitoring and active directory? Look no further. Atera’s real-time monitoring and alerts give you numerous customization options that allow you to decide what kind of alerts you want. Plus you’ll get failures or alert notifications directly in your email. You’ll also get updated statuses on logged-in users, SNMP monitoring, SQL server, updates for Windows and more.

Seamless Automation Configuration

Atera’s IT automation component has pre-configured administrative and maintenance duties that can easily spread across your servers and workstations, either on specific devices or whole groups and companies. These duties range from shutting down and rebooting your system to running full system scans and defragmenting all disks and hard drives.

Individual and Group Patch Management

Implementing patches has never been easier. Atera’s patch management tool has a straightforward recipe for implementation. Patches can be embedded throughout individual or group devices such as Java updates, Adobe updates and Microsoft Office updates among others. It can even reboot your system if necessary.

Potent Analytics and Reporting

Atera’s analytics and reporting element can document and gauge your assets, health, performance and customer networks with comprehensive reports so you have clarity over the IT atmospheres you’re operating. The reporting suite has a variety of reports, including agent health, system inventory audit, Microsoft licensing and more.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


NinjaRMM is a cloud-based remote monitoring management solution geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. NinjaRMM streamlines remote IT by giving immediate insights into the workstation, laptop, server, network device and virtual machine performance using robust devices such as remote control access, patching, scripting and automation to refine IT management. NinjaRMM’s top features include patch management, IT automation, reporting and network monitoring.

NinjaRMM Dashboard

An example of NinjaRMM’s dashboard.

Clear Monitoring for All Devices

With a practical and compact dashboard for your entire IT organization, NinjaRMM’s network monitoring feature provides transparency into all of your devices (e.g., printers, switches, firewalls, IoT devices, etc.). You are also given particular capabilities such as discovery wizard, hardware performance data, simple network management protocol (SNMP) v1 v2 v3 support and instant polling and monitoring. The monitoring feature consistently polls SNMP devices to search for peculiarities and will send results to your dashboard.

Across-the-Board Patching

You’ll never have to worry about maintaining all of your patches again thanks to NinjaRMM’s all-inclusive patching tool. Whether you have 500 or 5,000 patches, this tool can keep all of them upgraded through all-supportive versions of Windows and more than 120 third-party vendors. NinjaRMM’s policy framework tool can help you frame your scan and update schedules for various groups of devices. You can either have this component automatically update your patches or you can manually approve or reject patches across distinct groups or all of your groups. Detailed reporting can also assist in spotting and repairing noncompliant endpoints.

Elaborate and Personalize Reports

It’s a chore for IT managers to sift through logs and other documents for crucial data. It shouldn’t be. NinjaRMM’s reporting tool gives clarity of data. Regardless of active trouble-shooting or just keeping watch of things, you can mend compliance reports across different device groups and organizations, review which devices sparked the most alerts and even examine connection reports. The reporting tool can also create personalized reports with your company name and logo on them so you can proudly deliver marketing collateral to your clients.

Adjustable Automation

You need automation that can prepare and schedule your scripts to run at a time that’s suitable for you and your clients. NinjaRMM’s automation tool does just that and tracks records for compliance and auditing needs. You also schedule maintenance like patches, antivirus scans, scripts and any other IT actions after hours, allowing you to be an IT Ninja–you do all of the important tasks privately so you don’t interrupt your client workflow. The automation tool also allows NinjaRMM to take care of problems automatically. You can arrange performance thresholds or formulate shifts that tell NinjaRMM when to fix issues without human intervention.

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Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

That’s All, Folks!

Picking the best RMM tools for your MSP can be difficult. Remote control access, automation, patch management, reporting and monitoring may be exactly what you’re looking for. Or you may need other tools. Once you create your wishlist of features that meet the criteria of your MSP, choosing your ideal tool is a cakewalk.

Which RMM tool is your first choice and why? Let us know in the comments!

Khaleel HayesRMM Tools: The Best Remote Monitoring & Management Systems

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