Benefits and Insights

Why use Tradeshift?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tradeshift

  • Better Supplier Connections: Tradeshift connects suppliers and businesses to streamline invoicing, product collaboration and transaction speeds. Both parties can access a unified location to communicate and comply with contract terms. Speed up onboarding and give suppliers an intuitive place to do business. 
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Payment Support: This system gives users the ability to digitally control their invoices, payment programs and more. Connect, digitize, manage and customize accounting practices for more accuracy and less time spent on daily procurement and payment tasks. 
  • Small Business Aid: Tradeshift provides free invoicing services for small businesses, consultants and freelancers. 
  • 100% Accounts Payable Automation: Tradeshift Pay eliminates manual tasks and opens up time and resources normally spent correcting manual entry errors. Take all documents and processes digital while accessing them from anywhere in the world. 
  • Keep Your Favorite Apps: The included Tradeshift App module lets users extend the power of Tradeshift Pay with hundreds of available integrations. Integrate with legacy systems or modern services like Amazon, Paypal, Intuit Payments, Digital Signing and more. Users can also build and use new apps that meet their unique business requirements. 
  • Cloud-Based Benefits: Tradeshift is a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for lengthy on-premise setups. The cloud offers document security, additional storage, real-time updates and usually an accessible cost of entry for smaller businesses. 

Industry Expertise

Tradeshift is a widely adopted procurement and supply chain accounting platform that, most recently, was placed in the Forbes Fintech 50 of 2019. With offices in over 13 countries, Tradeshift connects and digitizes businesses around the world.

Key Features

  • Supplier Onboarding: Tradeshift provides strong onboarding to a digital environment that they guarantee with a Service Level Agreement. Easy and intuitive invoicing interfaces along with a powerful seller experience makes onboarding easy. A dedicated team of onboarding experts can help get things running for a quick ROI. 
  • Financial Management: Control financial tasks with dynamic discounting, flexible financing and virtual credit cards. Users can switch between bank and user-funded solutions, leverage early payment programs with supplier segmentation, and connect multiple bank accounts to a single system for easy access. 
  • No Integration Needed: Adopt a modern and manageable buying experience into your e-procurement tools. There is no lengthy delay required to get up and running with this software. 
  • Marketplace Manager: Create a marketplace that lets employees shop while also accessing all supplier content and punchouts. It also allows for the creation of a public spot market to better collaborate while discovering new suppliers. 
  • Mobile Apps: Stay on the move with access to integrations and important documentation through internet-enabled devices. Don’t stay chained to a desk with Tradeshift Buy and Pay. 
  • AP Automation: Complete 100% of your invoice volume through digital transactions instead of relying on old analog scanning methods. Free up valuable employee time by cutting out tedious data entry tasks. 
  • Procurement: Tradeshift focuses on connecting suppliers with clients while providing searchable catalogs for use within supply chains. 

Tradeshift Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users should log in through the Tradeshift support portal, fill out their information and submit a ticket to receive technical support.
phonePhone: Users should log in through the Tradeshift support portal, fill out their information and submit a ticket to receive technical support.
schoolTraining: Users can find webinars and a searchable knowledge base through the Tradeshift support portal. Training is also available through the Tradeshift University BETA program.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tech support tickets through Tradehift’s support portal. Experts can offer a more personalized support experience through the use of Tradeshift account information.