Benefits and Insights

Why use Proactis?

Key differentiators & advantages of Proactis

  • Higher Cost Savings: Proactis includes a set of tools that help business enterprises with the spend management process. Effective spend management results in higher cost savings that help achieve increased operational profit. 
  • Greater Efficiency: Automation of tasks and processes like research, buying and payment can save valuable time and employee effort. Automation leads to increased organizational productivity and cost-efficiency, thanks to employees being able to focus on more important tasks. 
  • Improved Transparency: Real-time data insights enable users to understand and closely monitor the processes involved in procurement. Data insights also boost transparency, which helps managers make educated decisions for better operational performance.  
  • More Value: Proactis helps drive more value from the user’s procurement tasks through streamlined processes, robust source-to-contract tools that help select and manage suppliers, business contracts and much more, all through a single interface. 

Industry Expertise

Proactis customers are from a variety of industries, including computer science, wholesale, chemicals, oil and energy, banking, computer hardware, civil engineering, retail, pharmaceuticals, construction and more.

Key Features

  • Procurement Control Solutions & Source-to-Contract: Proactis offers tools for purchasing professionals that support the overall purchase process. This lowers procurement expenses and helps improve operating profits. 
  • Contract Management & Source-to-Contract: By using this tool, users can record and store contracts, obtain real-time data insights about the firm’s financial liabilities and keep a well-maintained contract portfolio. 
  • Spend Control & Purchase-to-Pay: Increased compliance with authorized procedures, invoice process automation and more helps bring improved visibility and control to spending within the business. 
  • Sourcing Software: Proactis consists of several collaborative, flexible and reliable features that enable users to perform effective sourcing procedures. It also helps users create structured, visible and easy-to-track processes. 
  • The Business Network: The suite comes with The Business Network that helps businesses create cost-effective buyer-supplier relationships. Suppliers can connect with thousands of enterprises through one secure network. Similarly, buyers can connect with verified suppliers, collaborate and close the best deals. 

Hubwoo Suite Support

Email: Dedicated support emails are available on the Support page. Users can access dedicated email IDs after selecting the suitable options to find help.
Phone: Dedicated helpline numbers of support teams are available on the Support page. Users can access the contact number after selecting the right options to find help. To book a tailored demo, users can call at + 1 (757) 283-9797.
Training: Users need to click the Resources drop-down tab to access the ‘Guides and Tools’ page.
Tickets: No such information is available on the website.