Benefits and Insights

Why use NextBuy?

Key differentiators & advantages of NextBuy

Main modules and features:

Product Catalogues. Group your products into catalogues and product categories and have easy access to them.

Purchase Request. Send purchase requests and get them accepted.

Purchase Orders. Order, store information on your orders and manage suppliers.

Deliveries and Invoicing. Get notification on your delivery and monitor the inventory. 
E-Sourcing and E-auctions. Send RFP forms, monitor your supplier activities, compare offers and choose the best one.

Contract Management. Keep your contracts in the system and monitor the details and the status of use.

Supplier Database. Have access to over 60 000 suppliers or import your own supplier database.

Use already existing catalogues and products to send a purchase request, get it accepted and delivered or source a supplier through the system, organize an e-auction, get a contract signed, add the products to the catalogue and monitor the status of use once there is a purchase request sent.

The system covers various procurement processes and connects buyers and suppliers in one integrated platform.