Benefits and Insights

Why use BMC Helix ITSM?

Key differentiators & advantages of BMC Helix ITSM

  • Efficient Data Insights: It allows the user to choose from a range of 90 reports and customized dashboards that provide automated data insights. Visually insightful reports and dashboards improve organizational efficiency in management, issue redressal and other relevant aspects. 
  • Improved Agent Productivity: Cognitive automation backed by visual reports result in streamlined agent productivity and less time spent on ticket resolutions to help agents allocate their time to more important tasks.  
  • Greater Flexibility: It offers several choices to its users in terms of cloud deployment servers. Using BMC’s solutions, users can implement their future functionalities conveniently. 
  • Reduced Costs: With the help of its tools, users can ensure that compliance-related software license management is met. Improved compliance management helps remove unnecessary audit expenses, resulting in fewer operational expenses. 

Industry Expertise

BMC Helix ITSM serves an extensive range of industries worldwide, including technical, manufacturing, business services, finance, healthcare, government, education, telecommunications, energy, utilities and waste treatment, retail, insurance, transportation, media and internet, organizations, construction, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, law firms and legal services, consumer services, metals and mining, wholesale, agriculture and cultural.

Key Features

  • Asset Management: BMC ITSM helps users manage the entire lifecycle of their IT assets. Asset lifecycle management starts at the procurement stage and finishes at delivery.  
  • Multi-Cloud Service Compatibility: It delivers solutions from the cloud depending upon the user’s cloud computing service, though it does support BMC, AWS/Azure or private networks.  
  • Proactive Service Resolution: Using this software suite, users can proactively perform service resolutions by identifying, monitoring, servicing and taking necessary action to remediate cases as and when needed. 
  • Knowledge Management: The software has a built-in KCS (Knowledge Centered Service) that helps organizations bring essential information to its customers. 
  • Incident & Problem Management: Using this toolset, users can create and resolve issues quickly. Incident and problem management is performed with the help of context-aware, smart and proactive incident matching. 
  • Smart Reporting: It offers smart reporting capabilities that help convert data-rich reports into insightful and presentable dashboards. Users can also customize reports and interactive dashboards as per their liking. 

BMC Helix ITSM Suite Support Suite Support

Email: To send a query or share feedback related to the suite, users can send an email to [email protected]
Phone: BMC’s support helpline is open 24/7. Users can call (713) 918-2950 or their toll-free number (800) 537-1813 to talk to the customer support team.
Training: Users can access support videos in the BMC Customer Support Community. It consists of several training videos posted on their YouTube page. To access support training, users need to either register as a new user or login with their credentials.
Tickets: No information related to tickets is available on their website.