Benefits and Insights

Why use TopTeam Analyst?

Key differentiators & advantages of TopTeam Analyst

  • Visualize Requirements
    TopTeam Analyst automatically converts textual requirements into easy-to-understand diagrams - this helps all stakeholders understand requirements without going through stacks of paper. 

  • Simulate Application Behavior
    Show - don’t tell. TopTeam Analyst helps you simulate system behavior using Screen Mockups. As a result, you get enthusiastic participation and high quality feedback from all stakeholders early in the development lifecycle.

  • Automatically Generate Test Cases
    With one-click you can generate Test Cases from Use Cases. Generate custom Excel or Word Test Case documents or export to HP Quality Center. 

  • Easily Visualize and Manage End-to-End Traceability
    Powerful Traceability diagrams and explorers with point-and-click and drag-and-drop trace creation make visualizing and managing trace links easy.

  • Work Seamlessly as a Team
    TopTeam Analyst has a versioned, multi-user, multi-time zone repository that can be accessed from anywhere in the world - No miscommunication, No misunderstanding, a formula for Project Success! All repository artifacts are stored in a robust relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. 

  • Adapts to your organization - not the other way around!
    TopTeam Analyst does not force you into proprietary ways of doing things. You can mix and match User Stories, Use Cases, Business Process, Requirements Hierarchies, etc. In fact, each project can follow a different process - Agile, Hybrid Agile, Waterfall, Unified Process, etc. 

  • Anytime, anywhere access - Windows, Web and Offline
    Feature rich Windows client. Real time Web access for collaboration. Offline access at client site and on the road. You get the best of both worlds.

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