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Why use Scoro?

Key differentiators & advantages of Scoro

  • Customization: Set permissions for individual users, select PDF templates for invoices, create custom reports and views and add custom fields to almost any feature. 
  • Mobility: Scoro comes available as a mobile app for Apple or Android smartphones. This provides easy accessibility, and notifications keep you updated at all times. 
  • Integration: The system has many integration options. You can sync it with your current calendar application, connect Scoro with your file storage, sync financial information with accounting software and more. 
  • Visibility: Reports and dashboards provide insights that keep you aware of how your company is doing at the moment. Additionally, it keeps related responsibilities together on one page, so the user always has an overview at their fingertips. For example, you can manage budgets and the project portfolio from one central location with the project management feature.  
  • Improve Efficiency: Scoro automates many routine tasks such as creating invoices or converting quotes into purchase orders. Leveraging automation results in fewer errors and more time for employees to do other jobs. 

Industry Expertise

Scoro is designed for small to mid-sized businesses in consulting, advertising, IT and more. Some customers include Wordlight Media, Butcher & Gundersen and Brandality.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Manage budgets, a project portfolio, planned tasked and more all from one central page. You can allocate billable and nonbillable work and stay aware of your team’s progress in real-time. 
  • Work Scheduling and Tracking: Scoro’s Planner provides a visual overview of deadlines, individual employees’ workload, open slots and potential overbookings. A shared team calendar allows the user to link events and projects. Task lists allow the employees to manage their tasks by priorities, deadlines, statuses and projects. 
  • Financial Management: Automate invoice reminders, send invoices as PDF files and keep track of purchases and costs with financial management. More advanced capabilities include forecasting, budget scenario comparison and the option to set multi-currency custom rates based on team members, clients or projects. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: Manage customers with an intuitive contact list. On one page, you’re able to view communication history, invoices, projects, quotes, orders and contact information. You can search, sort or filter contacts based on location, latest activity and more.  
  • Quoting and Sales: The system can compile quotes and send them as PDFs as well as convert quotes into purchase orders. It also provides an overview of the sales funnel. 
  • Reporting and Dashboard: A dashboard displays real-time company data such KPIs, actionable items and conversions. It generates financial reports, tells you what your team is spending time on and shows things like missed deadlines or unassigned tasks.  

Scoro Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact [email protected] for customer support.
phonePhone: Call +44 20 3318 4599 to request a call-back.
schoolTraining: The Scoro Help Center is equipped with training videos for new users and a knowledge base with step-by-step guides.

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