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  • Unlimited Hierarchy: Portfolio for Jira allows users to create unlimited levels of hierarchy. Users can create levels above Epics to define higher-level business priorities or big projects. 

  • Multiple Scenario Planning: Portfolio for Jira helps users plan different scenarios by creating multiple what-if situations and choose the one that fits the best. 

  • Real-time Visual Roadmaps: Portfolio for Jira allows users to build a realistic roadmap to organize and prioritize team's work across multiple teams and Jira projects. Scope and target release dates are easier to visualize in a schedule view. Users can also set dependencies on roadmaps to avoid bottlenecks. 

  • Resource Planning: With Portfolio for Jira, users can assign and schedule the right resources for each team and take into account their skill sets and availability. They can also add any potential new team members or contractors as virtual hires to see the impact on the team's velocity. 

  • Capability to Estimate: With Portfolio for Jira, users can estimate team's velocity, and target start and end dates for long-term plans with either time-based or story point estimates, or both. They can also measure the team performance by comparing original estimates with current estimates while work is in progress. 

  • Reporting: Portfolio for Jira provides insights and cross-project visibility with aggregated reports of scope, capacity, releases, schedule sprint, or themes. Also, users can embed and share the reports with other stakeholders.

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