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Key differentiators & advantages of Planisware Enterprise PPM

  • Demand Management: With Planisware PPM, organizations can collect and process demands, and assess their value and dependencies with transparency that helps ensure the implementation is aligned with the expressed needs. 

  • Portfolio Management: Planisware PPM makes it easy for portfolio managers to prioritize and qualify projects. It facilitates consolidation of projects for global strategic analysis, and helps analyze the organization’s financial and human constraints and considers what-if scenarios to balance the load. 

  • Project Management: Planisware PPM allows organizations to effectively manage projects. With the facility of interactive Gantt chart, to-do list, Kanban boards, project templates, and detailed list of tasks and milestones, controlling projects and delegating tasks becomes easier. Users can also implement hybrid project management methods with agile and waterfall planning. 

  • Resource Management: With Planisware, Resource Managers can get insights into the team’s availability and analyze the time distribution between the project and non-project activities to optimize workload and reduce project delays. 

  • Budget Management: Planisware’s cost management features facilitate project managers to plan, and forecast the financial performance of projects in real-time. They can also manage budgets globally or in-detail for categories such as labor, materials, expenses, and equipment. 

  • Reporting: Planisware PPM offers out-of-box standard reporting capabilities that allow decision-makers to make informed decisions based on past findings, monitoring, and forecasting in real-time. It ensures a single source of truth for an organization’s project portfolios so users can measure the project’s impact and their associated profits.

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