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  • Automatic Planning Estimation: Pivotal Tracker automates the calculation of time estimates required to complete a single task or the entire project based on the average number of story points completed in the past. This helps project managers do proper planning and set realistic targets.
  • Multi-project Workspaces: Pivotal Tracker provides workspaces to arrange projects side-by-side for an accessible view with a drag-and-drop feature to move stories between projects. 'My Work' panel lists the stories owned by a user to keep him aligned with all his work across multiple teams.
  • Native Mobile App: Pivotal Tracker provides native iOS and Android mobile apps for 'on-the-go' team members to help them know exactly what’s happening at any given time, and puts the ability to create or respond to stories in the palm of their hand. Users can manage their workspaces and access project analytics that let them dig deep into details.
  • Third Party Integration: Pivotal Tracker provides pre-built integrations with a variety of business applications ranging from time tracking, analytics, collaboration, productivity and more such as Slack, GitHub, Jira, etc. It also provides a REST API to create custom integrations for specific business requirements.
  • Task Management: With Pivotal Tracker, users can create checklists, big or small to keep inline with all the story duties and mark them off as they get completed.
  • Analytics: Analytics gives an overview of the team’s performance with different visualizations such as Burnup, Cumulative Flow, and Cycle Time reports. These reports can be drilled down further for a closer look at a project's health by iterations, epics, releases, and more so that the team can identify bottlenecks and eliminate them.

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