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Why use Axosoft?

Key differentiators & advantages of Axosoft

  • Set Work-in-Process Limits: Users can limit the amount of work done in a given workflow to pinpoint bottlenecks and blockages. 
  • Control User Access: Ensure role-based security by assigning visibility or access on a member-by-member basis. 
  • Organize Projects: Axosoft uses hierarchical tracking to let you organize items into projects. It’s also possible to create as many subproject levels as needed. 
  • Automate Tasks: Set rules for triggers that send automatic notifications, update items, issue work log prompts and more. 
  • Track Items: Easily monitor the movement of every item as they progress through your workflow. 
  • Enhance Team Collaboration: The Daily Scrum Mode helps you stay on track by using release data to inform meetings. This lets your team regularly discuss obstacles and progress. 

Industry Expertise

Axosoft has thousands of customers across a range of industries that include healthcare, real estate, human resources and software.

Key Features

  • Kanban Boards: Teams can track every aspect of a sprint via visual, drag-and-drop workflows. 
  • Scrum Tools: The release planner, velocity calculator and capacity management feature help your team stay on track to hit deadlines without overworking any team members. You can also estimate ship dates order items based on priority so the most important work gets done first. 
  • Dashboards and Reports: Easily track the health of every project with visual tools and summarized reports. Dashboards display key KPIs and metrics using pie and bar charts, burndown reports, a speedometer, and other gadgets. There’s also an option to share dashboards externally and set access passwords if desired. 
  • Customizations: Shape the software to your needs with custom fields, workflows, security roles and field templates. This makes it easy to track data and user permissions. It also ensures Axosoft fits into the development process your team already has in place. 
  • Integrations: Axosoft integrates with a number of developer tools, such as GitLab, Bitbucket and GitHub. The system can also connect with common platforms such as Slack, GoToMeeting, Toggl and QlikView. Zapier extends integration options to BugHerd, Trello, Office 365 and other apps. 

Axosoft Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Live email support is available 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Arizona time, Monday through Friday.
phonePhone: Live phone support is available weekdays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Arizona time. Dial (800) 653-0024, extension 2.
schoolTraining: While Axosoft doesn’t offer specific training courses, you can find a wealth of information and resources by searching through the categories on the support homepage. Articles cover topics that include setting up and managing accounts, setting notifications and everything in between.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit tickets directly from the support page on Axosoft’s website. The message field contains a template to guide you through a process that provides the most helpful information.

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Axosoft Reviews

The following reviews for Axosoft are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

The best feature of the software is its elasticity and simplicity. This tool does an excellent job for me in collaborative work.
The server doesn't respond frequently and has many bug issues.
Software / IT
50 - 99
Bugs, Lag and incomplete feautres
It allowed me to separate my ticket bucket how I liked.
It would often crash, the bugs would sometimes render it inoperable. Sometimes it gets stuck loading. Its layout is very dated and unresponsive
500 - 999
Great Ticketing System!
What I liked most about this software is the amount of features that it has. The email implementation is very easy and creating groups and users is a breeze.
Is a little "cluttery " from the get-go. It offers the option to simplify and customize the experience so is not a big deal. It might take a little to get use to.
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