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Why use Jira Portfolio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Jira Portfolio

  • Jira Integration: Dynamically loads information to enable planning in real-time and keep users up to date.  
  • Unlimited Hierarchy: Roll up epics to big projects or higher business priorities and create unlimited and new hierarchy levels.  
  • Scenario Planning: Create what-if situations and revert or commit to Jira when users are ready.  
  • Visible Roadmap Dependency: Avoid bottlenecks by reviewing and setting dependencies on the team’s roadmaps.  
  • Multiple Estimation Methods: Story points estimate time-based planning and fix default estimates to plan with non-estimated work.  
  • Reporting: Provide insights and visibility by sharing capacity reports, schedule themes, sprints or scope.  

Industry Expertise

Portfolio for Jira lets managers add users as team members and virtual users. Scheduling is one of its core capabilities, and its algorithm assigns issues to teams while taking priorities and dependencies to create a realistic forecast. It helps inform teams with effective troubleshooting, realistic schedules and release management.

Key Features

  • Data-Driven Agile Roadmaps: Prioritize and organize initiatives by team to build a roadmap to include multiple Jira projects and teams. Visualize targets and scope release dates to view in a portfolio.  
  • Resource and Capacity Planning: Schedule and assign resources to teams considering their availability and skill sets. Add virtual hires like new contractors or members to view impacts on velocity. 
  • Schedule Optimization: Even when the details are not known, advanced scheduling optimizes user’s roadmaps and predicts release dates.  
  • Estimation Comparisons: Estimate the team’s target end and start dates, velocity and long-term plans. View original estimates and compare them to current estimates to gauge team performance.  
  • Real-time Forecasts: Loads Jira issues dynamically and estimates release dates. Keeps plans up to date to let users track progress and help teams deliver on time.  
  • Roll-Up Reporting: Analyze plans by scope, releases, themes, capacity, sprints and schedules. Provides cross-project and cross-team visibility with roll-up reporting. Lets users share embedded reports with their stakeholders. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Integration with other tools is not seamless.  
  •  Doesn’t support data modeling with any tool.  
  •  Speed could be improved.  

Jira Portfolio Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email ids are not given. Users can submit their details on a contact form to get a callback.
phonePhone: Call +1 415 701 1110 for sales and support in the US. Country specific contact numbers are available on the website.
schoolTraining: In-app training, free tutorials and skill badges are available on the website. Online, on-demand or onsite hands-on training is offered by Atlassian.
local_offerTickets: Users can create a support ticket from the website itself.

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