Benefits and Insights

Why use IBM Rational Doors?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Rational Doors

  • Saves Money: It effectively manages the requirements of its users, thereby reducing their development costs by as much as 57% and it lowers spend on quality by up to 69%. 
  • Scalable: It is designed to support the growing demands of an organization — be it projects, complex teams or diverse and global engagements. It offers easy navigation across multiple projects or folders, even if the company’s database grows by leaps and bounds. 
  • Respond to Changes Faster: It boosts the response time of the organizations to the changes by as much as 50% as it employs drag-and-drop options to increase traceability. It also helps accelerate time devoted to the market by visualizing and prioritizing the requirements of the organization. 
  • Enhances Productivity: It traces requirements and eliminates manual processes and spreadsheets, thus boosting productivity. Users can work on documents and configure them to be viewed simultaneously. 
  • Bridges Gaps Between Teams: It integrates different stakeholders on a common platform, which enables traceability and bridges gaps between different teams of an organization, its customers and its partners. 

Industry Expertise

IBM Rational DOORS manages resources for small, medium and large enterprises.

Key Features

  • Manages Requirements at a Central Location: It manages a company’s requirements at a centralized location that facilitates better collaboration between the teams. Easy access to configuration, editing, analysis and reporting capabilities is provided through a desktop client. 
  • Links Requirements to Design Items: It provides a drag-and-drop feature that links a requirement to a design item or any other requirement. It creates links to a list of requirements. 
  • Toolkit for Test-Tracking: It provides a test-tracking toolkit to create links from a list of requirements to test cases. It ensures that test cases cover all the requirements 
  • Integrations to Track Changes: Its customizable solutions help manage changes made to the requirements. It can also integrate with other software solutions for visibility and creation of the test cases. 
  • Project Improvement: It boosts communication, collaboration and verification throughout the organization and its supply chain. 

IBM Rational DOORS Suite Support

phonePhone: Phone queries can be directed to 914-499-1900
schoolTraining: IBM’s site provides links to various versions of the IBM Rational DOORS support sites that feature helpful materials such as tutorials, videos and written content on installing, administering and extending the product’s functions.

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