Benefits and Insights

Why use Clarizen?

Key differentiators & advantages of Clarizen

  • Increased Visibility: Clarizen provides transparent views of projects, which includes information such as who is working on a specific task, when a project is due and workflow history. By increasing the visibility of project workflows, project managers can reallocate resources and measure efficiency more accurately. Clarizen also contains visualization of aspects such as resource levels and financial planning. 
  • Collaboration Across Project Development: The collaboration tools included in Clarizen are one of the program’s most touted features. The feature allows you to work on projects, share statistical insights and comment on reports in real-time. The Clarizen InterAct feature lets you comment on documents and update statuses through email. The mobile app also allows you to keep in touch with coworkers when you’re on the go. 
  • Real-Time Insights: Real-time stats can positively impact your business by making insights easier and quicker to obtain. With Clarizen, you can easily see factors such as which projects have gone over budget or are nearing their completion date. You can also analyze factors such as burn rate and billing status as they change minute by minute. 
  • Boost Productivity: Clarizen can boost productivity through its comprehensive project management system, which allows employees to see the actual status of products or projects. This reduces the amount of time that your employees will spend on tedious status update meetings due to the ability to see where a project is at quickly and efficiently. This way, your staff can spend more time developing products and less time discussing where they’re at in the development process. 
  • Accessibility: A mobile application is available for Clarizen customers. It is a reasonably comprehensive app that contains features such as the ability to respond to customer inquiries and to change the status of tasks in your queue. You can also easily connect with your fellow employees to discuss project elements. 

Industry Expertise

Clarizen has customers in 79 countries that span multiple industries. However, Clarizen is especially helpful for customers in IT, professional services and marketing spaces. These areas of expertise span a wide range of customers that includes lawyers, researchers, writers and developers. The program’s emphasis on project management and professional services is especially useful for task-oriented companies that rely on the quick conveyance of customer and workflow information to complete daily operations.

Key Features

  • Slide Publisher: The Slide Publisher tool allows you to quickly create PowerPoint presentations for customers using real-time project data. Your company branding can also be added to these presentations through a customized template. 
  • Financial Management: Clarizen’s financial management feature includes the ability to track expenses on different levels, whether it be at the employee level or by department. Payments can also be linked to projects to help ensure that development budgets stay on track. An Excel Import feature is included, which allows you to import data from Microsoft Excel and add it to aspects such as work items and cases. 
  • Social Collaboration Platform: The social collaboration platform gives you the ability to track the customer lifecycle as it pertains to completed work, customer conversations and attached files. It’s a key component to the request management capabilities of Clarizen, which helps you track work orders. Information such as customer name, priority and due date are included in these documents. 
  • Clarizen InterAct: Clarizen InterAct allows you to collaborate with others on the file, task and project level. Employees can update project status, flag issues and discuss project developments via email. Graphs and project plans that include real-time insights as to project status are also available via email. 
  • Integration With Popular Tools: Clarizen can integrate with popular tools such as Google Docs, Jira, Box, SharePoint and ServiceNow. It contains a large amount of APIs that can help you integrate programs that you currently use with Clarizen. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Clarizen’s mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, is relatively comprehensive and allows you to take whatever you were working on with you on the go. Some of the tasks that you can complete through the mobile app include submission of expenses, communication with colleagues and entering of tickets. It’s also a great way to provide customer service due to its client response functionality. 
  • Task Management: The task management tool allows your employees to prioritize any duties that they are assigned, whether they be project-related or not. Employees have their own workspaces where they can view their specific projects so that they don’t get bogged down in a master view that shows what everyone’s working on. Project managers can look at how projects are progressing across the company and can also reassign or add resources to tasks to ensure efficiency. 

Clarizen Suite Support

Clarizen offers online support for customers that purchase its base package. It also provides Success Packages that you can buy to gain access to tools such as 24/7 phone support and your own designated implementation consultant.

mail_outlineEmail: Online support is available for Clarizen. Requests for assistance can be submitted via a form, and you can ask questions in Clarizen’s online community. There are also “office hours” online that contain demonstrations related to different aspects of the software.
phonePhone: Phone support is available 24/7 and 365 days a year for customers that purchase the Elite Success Plan.
schoolTraining: Clarizen offers online training and tutorials to increase your knowledge of the system. Additionally, in-person classes are scheduled at the company’s headquarters in San Mateo, CA.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit requests online for errors such as potential bugs, access issues, performance issues and for quick how-tos.

Clarizen Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

920 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • On-Par Customer Support: According to 100% of users, Clairzen's customer support is quick, helpful and fast in responding to and resolving mishaps.
  • Adjustable: When discussing how customizable Clarizen is, 96% of users said it was highly configurable to meet their business demands.
  • Abundant Features: Clarizen's features include time tracking, project management, status tracking, change history, meeting notes and more as stated by 62% of users.
  • Effective Collaboration: Nearly 81% of users say Clarizen has effective collaboration capabilities including social collaboration and tagging teammates on particular tasks.
  • Integratable: Clairzen integrates with social media, Salesforce, Jira, CRM software and other programs as reported by 72% of users.


  • Sluggish Pace: Of the users who discussed Clarizen's performance, 81% of users said it has a sluggish operation speed and occasionally freezes.
  • Difficult Learning Curve: Roughly 50% of users stated Clarizen has a steep learning curve.

Researcher's Summary:

Clarizen is a sophisticated project management solution with oodles of appliances such as task creation, status reporting, status tracking, time tracking, project management, reporting, change history and more. It offers extensive collaboration tools to keep users and their teams on the same page and integrates with CRM applications, Salesforce, Jira and other software. It's pliable enough to meet your business needs and has an efficient customer support team to address all issues. Although many users noted the slow speed of the system, users say it's an effective program.

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