Benefits and Insights

Why use CA PPM?

Key differentiators & advantages of CA PPM

  • Task Boards: CA PPM provides task boards for projects where a card gets created for each task and positioned according to its current lifecycle status: planned, in-progress or completed. Each card also includes a to-do list of activities required to accomplish the main task. 

  • Agile Roadmaps: CA PPM allows teams to plan roadmaps and communicate business outcomes on a continuous basis with drag and drop capabilities. Adding work, resources, and budgets are relatively easier. 

  • Team-based Planning: CA PPM provides additional support for team-based planning. Users can create teams or move them across projects, thereby updating project financials with the actual time spent on each task automatically. In addition, Managers can see teams' start and finish dates, estimated time of completion, and resource allocations. 

  • Project Tile View: CA PPM provides project dashboard tiles to graphically illustrate individual projects that contain the project details relevant to the users, such as financial details associated with the project, including Planned, Planned to Actuals, Plan to Forecast and Actuals financial views. 

  • Document Management: Team members need to work on multiple projects in an organization, each with its own website and documentation. With CA PPM, members can manage a collection of links and documents in one location for centralized access to everything. 

  • Project Blueprinting: CA PPM “Blueprinting” is a partitioning feature that provides team-specific pages, populated with the custom fields each team requires. Members can drag and drop their visuals, documents and custom attribute onto a standard page, and changes get pushed to members’ screens automatically.

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