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Why use Windchill?

Key differentiators & advantages of Windchill

  • Increased Visibility: Windchill lets users look at products as they move from one aspect of the lifecycle to another. Components of this include the ability to look at quality aspects and feature changes. 
  • Boost in Productivity: This tool can boost productivity among workers. For example, centralization and a single view of data can reduce the amount of time that employees spend looking for information. This can help clear up some time for other tasks. 
  • Use of Latest Technologies: Windchill can integrate with Vuforia, an AR tool. This allows users to look at their designs in a real-world setting and to use that information to inform aspects of a product. As technology advances and more features become available, it can be helpful to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest tools. 
  • Reduced Costs: Cost is an essential factor to consider when looking at different software solutions. An example of how Windchill can help your business reduce costs is through the efficient creation of product variants, which is typically time-consuming and costly. 
  • Automation: As a product progresses, changes are bound to happen. Windchill leverages automation to help update content and users as features and definitions are altered. This ensures consistency and reliability of information. 

Industry Expertise

Windchill is suited for companies in a variety of industries. This is due to its connectivity with other PTC software offerings and its focus on product lifecycle management in general as opposed to in an industry-specific manner. However, companies in the engineering, retail or manufacturing industries might especially benefit from the software because Windchill contains some detailed functions related to those sectors.

Key Features

  • Product Design and Visualization With AR:  Windchill offers integration with Vuforia, an augmented reality (AR) platform. This allows users to design 2D and 3D objects not only on a screen, but also in a real-world setting. Users can also collaborate with others across the world on these designs. 
  • Change Management: The change management tool allows users to make alterations during the product lifecycle in a centralized location so that other users can access the most up-to-date information. This tool also provides visibility of how change impacts an organization throughout the product lifecycle. 
  • Product Quality Monitoring: Windchill integrates quality measures into product development. This allows employees to see what type of quality issues occur and to work to solve them for future and ongoing iterations of a product. 
  • BOM Management: Digital Bill of Materials (BOM) is provided through this system. A parts-centric approach to BOM is available with a single source of truth for all organizational product data. This program is closed-loop throughout the entire lifecycle from conceptualization to product release. 
  • Product Variation: Developing a product variation can be time-consuming and expensive. Windchill works to assist in the complete production process of product variants to ensure customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Unified Data: Windchill centralizes data from multiple aspects of a business into a single view to make access easier and less time-consuming. Real-time CAD and product data are some of the sources included in this feature. 
  • Automatic Content Updates: When changes are made to a product during the development phase,  Windchill allows for the automatic update of content in accordance with these changes. This tool can also manage content that is gathered from multiple sources. 

Suite Support

Windchill offers three different support options - SILVER, GOLD and GOLDplus. These support options vary in scope and intensiveness. All of the tools provide continuous software improvements, access to a collaboration hub and involvement in the PTC Support Community and the ThingWorx Developer Community.

mail_outlineEmail: Online support is offered through the eSupport tool with all available packages. This tool is available 24/7.
phonePhone: GOLD and GOLDplus support package owners can receive assistance from the support desk by web or telephone 24 hours a day. The GOLD package receives support five days a week, whereas GOLDplus members receive support seven days a week.
schoolTraining: There are a few different training options available for Windchill. This includes free tutorials through LearningExchange, eLearning Libraries, virtual and on-site training with an instructor and PTC University.
local_offerTickets: Cases can be opened either online or via telephone. The online Case Logger tool from the eSupport Portal is available 24/7 for virtual case submission. Phone availability varies by region, but tickets can be entered for customers in North and South America between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST. Weekend support is only available for Goldplus customers for severity zero or severity one cases.

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